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My name is Patrick Rost, and I am a young graduate from The University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, the #1 liberal arts university in the state of Oklahoma. I've been playing sports games since the days of Joe Montana Sports Talk Football on the Sega Genesis, and my loyalty to the genre as stretched over as many years. Aside from sports titles, I also find myself magnetically drawn to cheesy RPGs that fulfill my need to grind for levels for hours on end. Please contact me if you'd like to ask a question, or of course, discuss the game Phantom Brave for 30 straight hours.

Posts by Patrick Rost:

Plant it in the cold, cold ground — Viridi review

by 2 weeks ago

There are people who will never pay for, play, or even hear or speak of Viridi.  Those blessed children of luck and splendor will go through their life with their …

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Sen-si-zen-sational — Zenzizenzic review

by 4 weeks ago

When I heard I was going to be playing a game where squares are fighting squares, I figured at the most I’d be getting a mathlete competition, and at the …

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Re;Disappointed — Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Generation review

by 2 months ago

Games are supposed to be fun.  It’s in the name of the action: gaming, to not work, to not be idle, and to not be bogged down by the mundane …

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Platforming is alive — Schrödinger’s Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark review

by 3 months ago

If you put a modern platformer in a box, and you couldn’t see the mechanics and gameplay of that platformer, would the genre be dead or alive?  Though the question …

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The terrorism shuffle — Breach and Clear review

by 4 months ago

War may never change, but strategy most certainly does.  For members of the world’s elite Special Operations, you’ve only got one shot to get in, kill, and get back out …

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Triple crown and counting — Out of the Park Baseball 16 review

by 5 months ago

Some fans root for the Giants, and some root for the Royals.  There are those who languish fandom upon the San Francisco Giants for their progressive approach to the game …

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All in a name — Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2: Sisters Generation review

by 7 months ago

There is a very thin line between acceptable mediocrity and dull uselessness, and being on the fence is not a position that you want to find your game in.  Unfortunately …

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An introductory look at Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth 2: Sisters Generation

by 8 months ago

First impressions of video games usually aren’t so strong, nor do they typically strike before the game is even finished downloading.  Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2: Sisters Generation had me at …

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Potential does not equal quality — The Crew Review

by 9 months ago

The Crew has been an interesting case throughout the lifespan of its development. To begin with, everyone positioned it ads one of the biggest racing games to release on the …

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2Jump, or not 2Jump — Frog2Jump review

by 10 months ago

Frogs make for good video game fodder, as strange as that still may seem.  Whether in battle, or crossing traffic, or assisting a hero through time, frogs always seem to …

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Be still, my hearts — Tales of Hearts R review

by 10 months ago

Must a game be unique to be great?  Can a game have all of the elements of greatness: fun and dynamic gameplay, solid storytelling and characters, and challenging obstacles that …

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0-16 — Front Page Sports Football review

by 10 months ago

One of the appealing aspects of sports simulation games is the depth of control, stat-geeking, and overall full immersion into the strategic side of sports.  The trade-off is usually a …

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