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There are many sites on the net that cover video games, and you obviously have the ‘big three’ out there that want every red cent of your dollar, so you might ask yourself why Gaming Trend is a better place to spend your advertising budget.  Gaming Trend is a completely independent site, built by gamers for gamers, and featuring one of the most loyal readerships you’ll find.  Gaming Trend is a marketplace of opinions and ideas spanning a vast demographic of both men and women, young and old, and with a diverse gaming background.  They are lawyers and doctors, they are teachers and students and mothers, and none of them are easily swayed by traditional media advertising.  We are willing to work with you to tailor your ad in a way that’ll grab the attention of this savvy group of people.   We only advertise the things that we ourselves believe in.  Your ad will be right next to our site name – your product is associated with our site, and we are vouching for you.  For our community, there is no higher endorsement.  You have many options on where you can spend your advertising dollars, but I guarantee you’ll find that it goes much further when the readers are invested.

Thanks for reading,

Ron Burke
Owner and Director of the Gaming Trend Network

Advertising at Gaming Trend

Gaming Trend sees over 238,000 unique visitors, and 2.2 million page views every month, and that number is on a steep incline.  We have a large and vibrant community of gamer and entertainment consumers worldwide.  You’ll find our reviews, previews, and interviews sitting next to sites like IGN, GameSpot, GameSpy, The Escapist, and many others – we are not the biggest site, but they say you are judged by the company you keep.  Enough about us, let’s talk about advertising space:

Standard Ad Placements:

Currently, our primary ad placements are the 728×90 leader boards on our index and article pages, as well as on our forum pages, and the 350×200 medium rectangle ads that appear on the index and the article pages. These ads appear above the fold on all desktop and tablet screens.

Custom Ad Placements:

Want something outside the norm?  Is your product too good for ‘standard placement’?  We agree!  We can tailor, reskin, or otherwise create specific ad spaces for your product.  Contact our Marketing Manager to coordinate the details – I’m sure we can satisfy your unrealistic expectations.


Swag, goodies, freebies, “Collector’s Editions”, gift cards, beta invites, free games, bouncy balls with flashing lights, T-Shirts, and more – freebies come in many names and flavors, and everyone loves them.  We want to help you support your product with these giveaways and we are willing to go the extra mile for our readers to get those items in their hands.  We can work with you to tailor a contest or random give-away that not only engages the community, but excites them about your product.  Whether it be a treasure hunt or picking a name out of a hat, Gaming Trend knows what gamers want.  Let us help you generate the hype – we are good at that.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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