Five of the most gruesome scenes in Until Dawn

Until Dawn creates a delicate balance between decisions and ramifications, where the slightest wrong move has the power to effect the lives and well-being of more than eight people.  It also forces players to witness some of the most horrific, macabre, and gory death scenes we’ve ever seen in gaming. At the expense of our sanity and innocence, we have compiled a group of some of the most nauseating scenes the game has to offer.  Enjoy!

SPOILER ALERT – After the picture, many key scenes are shown.

Until Dawn™_20150906141504
Jessica’s Missing Tongue: Let’s start tame, with Jessica parting ways with the lower half of her jaw.  It only gets worse from here, we’re really sorry.

Until Dawnâ„¢_20150906142244

Josh’s Popped Head: Like an unwanted pimple, Josh’s head is destroyed, with hardly a second thought.  Look at how delightfully awful that flood of viscera is.  Again, our bad about all of this.

Until Dawnâ„¢_20150906141903

Emily’s Gouged Eyes: At this point, you’re just willing yourself to look at these vulgar images.  As if you are deriving pleasure out of watching high school children be eviscerated. Freak.

Until Dawn Eyes

Whatever Is Going On Here: It’s kind of like that one scene in Akira, only with a Quick Time Event, a giant pig’s head, and way, way worse than that one scene in Akira.

Until Dawn Pig

Oh Yeah: There’s also this squirrel. Did you see its little paw twitch after having its cute little face blown off? This is so upsetting.

Until Dawn Squirrel

Well, that was just awful. All that’s left to do is to take a cold shower, say six “Hail Mary’s,” and hope that the nightmares cease one day.  For more of everything gaming, stay here at Gaming Trend.

Until Dawn Dance

Probably listening to Metallica.

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