Toast adds some aesthetic to your consoles

The company Toast, based in Portland, Oregon, specializes in handmade leather and wood covers and cases for electronics such as phones, tablets, laptops and, most important to us, game consoles. They were nice enough to send over a complimentary cover for a PlayStation 4 and we were eager enough to check it out.

Right out of the box, it’s noticeable how sleek the individual pieces of the cover look. Coming with 10 pieces of varying sizes that cover the front, back, left and right sides of the console, the wood is laser cut and incredibly thin (1/32 of an inch, according to Toast’s website). I was surprised just how good the pieces looked, as well as how nice the Gaming Trend logo looked set on top of its dark finish. As someone who isn’t too fond of how the PlayStation 4 looks naturally, I find this new, more natural look far more aesthetically pleasing.

_MG_0047 jpeg

Small pieces

Application is as easy as aligning the wood pieces on the console and pressing the adhesive against its plastic exterior. The pieces are designed to perfectly take shape of the console — even featuring the “PS4” logo on the front — as well keeping all vents open and breathing. It takes some steady hands, but once the pieces are in place they are tightly locked in.


My only issue is that the wood comes out just far enough from the console that both the power and eject buttons have trouble registering when your finger is sliding over them, often taking a couple of tries before they activate. This is a small complaint though, all things considered, and the only one I really have.

_MG_0077 jpeg

Toast is notable for how environmentally friendly its entire operation is. All wood used is brought from “responsibly managed” forests, and all of its products are made with complete renewable energy. The company also donates one percent of its annual sales to nonprofit organizations focused on the environment.

More information on Toast, and Toast products, can be found at its website.

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