Build and befriend with a new trailer for Dwarrows

Lithic Entertainment has released a new trailer for its upcoming town-builder Dwarrows, which showcases the game’s cozy environments and warm atmosphere. Dubbed as a game that relaxes and entertains, the game features a wonderful setting with the promise of non-violence and a friendly adventure.

Dwarrows, set in a beautifully hand-crafted environment, is a unique and fresh mix of the town-building and action-adventure genres. Players build and grow a new settlement, search the lush forests for resources, and adventure through mysterious new places to find lost artifacts. They will also meet strange and quirky characters, invite wandering people to join their town, and befriend cute animals who help them in their travels.


  • Explore: Play as three uniquely skilled characters to quest and puzzle through a peaceful and atmospheric world.
  • Gather: Supply your town with resources gathered from the land surrounding it, from hidden treasures, and other wonders.
  • Build: Discover and unlock new structures to grow and improve your town.
  • Befriend: Find friendship in the local wildlife to help boost your town and character abilities, and invite the wandering Wood-Elves to join and grow your town.

“We want Dwarrows to be the kind of game you could play after work with no stresses. A game that would let you relax while playing, but still makes you feel adventurous,” says Andy Wood, co-founder of Lithic Entertainment. “Dwarrows is a non-violent and non-punishing game. It is relaxing to play, yet it still offers challenges through puzzles and town-balancing.”

Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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