This is one creature you don’t want to invite! Hello Guest announced, alpha demo available now

We can’t believe tinyBuild Games bamboozled us! The publisher just released a non-E3 presentation that promised not to reveal any new games, and they went ahead and revealed that Hello Guest is in development now. Taking place in the Hello Neighbor universe, the game will task you with dealing with a scarily unexpected guest in an amusement park at night, with an alpha for the game available now.

Welcome to Hello Guest, a stealth horror thriller about an advanced, self-learning AI. You take the night shift as a security guard at an abandoned Golden Apple Amusement Park where a creature is hiding in the shadows. You must take risks to protect and secure the furthest corners of the park from vandals.  The AI-Powered creature learns from your movements. It’s afraid of the light and always approaches from behind.

The game features an evolving experience where the creature’s AI watches you, and will combine sandbox gameplay with some dastardly puzzles and platforming challenges. Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.


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