The legacy of Kratos continues in print, God of War gets new luxury notebooks today

Today, Cook and Becker announced that it has released a new print notebook for last year’s critically-acclaimed God of War, which is available now on the publisher’s site. The notebook is lovingly handcrafted with art by Sony Santa Monica Studio.

Crafted after Kratos’s Leviathan Axe and Atreus’ in-game journal, these limited-edition, official God of War notebooks have been made by art gallery and publisher Cook and Becker in conjunction with Sony Santa Monica Studio, the creators of God of War. They are available to order from Cook and Becker’s store from today.

The notebooks come in a luxury collector box and have subtly lined paper, interspersed with pages of rare God of War concept art and in-game drawings. The Collector’s Edition of these notebooks also includes a small giclee art print and fun accessories like copper Kratos and Atreus paper clips, stickers, a stamp and pencils.

This God of War notebook set is the third release in the exclusive Cook and Becker high-end notebook line, following very successful notebook releases for The Witcher III: Wild Hunt and Horizon Zero Dawn earlier this year.

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