She blinded me with science in Homo Machina for mobile devices

If you’re looking for a fun way to study the human body on your mobile device, Darjeeling and ARTE have announced that they will release the 2D educational exploration game Homo Machina on iOS and Android on May 17. The game is inspired by the works of Fritz Kahn and will include a number of entertaining yet educational activities for all ages.

Homo Machina invites players to see inside the human body, as viewed through the unique aesthetic lens of the work of Fritz Kahn. Gameplay is straightforward and intuitive, the player instructing the on-screen staff to oversee the human body’s many and varied functions – from eating and breathing, to controlling emotions and monitoring the nervous system. The game illustrates, with charismatic artwork and animation, poetic narration and uplifting music, that science can be fun and accessible.

Kahn, a German Jewish physician, was a master of making complex anatomical and technological concepts easier to understand. His best-selling 1920s book series, Das Leben des Menschen (Human Life), reimagined the human body as a vast machine, comprised of connected departments and communication channels, fully manned by a staff of tiny human workers. It’s this humourous and light-hearted take on homo-sapiens insides that translates into the superbly tactile gameplay of Homo Machina.

Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.


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