Ogenki desu ka? Get a fine deal with the Japanese Language and Culture Humble Bundle today

Today, Humble Bundle has partnered with Stone Bridge Press to release the Japanese Language and Culture Humble Bundle from now until August 12. In commemoration of tomorrow’s Tokyo Olympics, the bundle will include tons of different titles ranging from learning the different Japanese writing systems to immersing oneself in pop culture anime as well as traditional Japanese history.

With fans around the world gearing up for the Tokyo Olympics kicking off on Friday, Humble Bundle is releasing the perfect book bundle for anyone looking to learn more about Japanese culture.

Humble Bundle, an organization that offers limited-time collections of games, books, software, and more, will launch a brand new book bundle, titled, Japanese Culture and Language by Stone Bridge Press. Live from July 22 through August 12, 2021, the bundle features over $290 worth of ebooks that provide readers with an opportunity to discover the heart of Japanese culture such as Crazy for Kanji: A Student’s Guide to the Wonderful World of Japanese Characters, Family Crests of Japan, Japaneseness: A Guide to Values and Virtues, The Astro Boy Essays: Osamu Tezuka, Mighty Atom, and the Manga/Anime Revolution and many more.

Additionally, each purchase of this bundle will support the Book Industry Charitable Foundation, which helps bookstore owners, booksellers, and comic store employees and owners with unforeseen emergency financial needs. Customers can also choose to support a charity of their choice.

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