Merchants vs. monsters — Moonlighter is out on Switch today

Moonlighter, Digital Sun’s hack-and-slash capitalism simulator, released in May of this year to plenty of favorable reviews and even more cries of “When is it coming to Switch?” Well, the answer is, right now.

Moonlighter, the wildly successful indie darling from 11 bit studios and Digital Sun finally has finally arrived on the Nintendo Switch! Available digitally for $24.99 USD and at retail for $34.99 USD, the Nintendo Switch is the ultimate place to carry out your dungeon crawling adventures.

The game is also available in a fancier “Signature Edition,” which features a region-free copy of the game, plus all sorts of physical bonuses, such as a poster, a soundtrack CD, and a cute/unsettling jelly monster toy.

No changes have been announced for the Switch version, but the original release offered a unique mix of shopkeeping and monster-slaying.

  • Shopkeeping! Put items on sale, set their price carefully, manage gold reserves, recruit assistants and upgrade the shop. Be careful though— some shady individuals may want to steal your precious wares!
  • Fighting with style! Masterful control of your weapons, critical timing, careful positioning, and an understanding of your enemies and environment are crucial to your survival. How you battle your enemies is up to you.
  • Meeting villagers! Get to know your neighbors as you restore the prosperity of this small commercial hamlet. Help establish new businesses and watch them grow in the idyllic community of Rynoka.
  • Crafting, enchanting, and looting! Interact with the villagers to craft new armor and weapons, and enchant existing equipment. Also, collect valuable items from exotic civilizations!

You can read what we thought of the PS4 release here.

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