An endless tale as old as time, Endless Dungeon’s first Feature Focus video released

Amplitude Studios announced that it will release a series of behind-the-scene videos for its roguelite game Endless Dungeon. Featuring the backstory of the game, this video shows how the game was conceived, as well as some quirks compared to its predecessor, Dungeon of the ENDLESS.

Hot off the tail of our very first gameplay trailer, debuted at the Summer Game Fest kick-off, we’re back with more, spicy ENDLESS™ Dungeon content. This time it’s the first in a series of videos that we’re creating to present our next entry into the rogue-lite genre.

For this first installment, we’re covering the backstory! Like its predecessor Dungeon of the ENDLESS™ (aka DotE), ENDLESS™ Dungeon is a rogue-lite, tower-defense, tactical strategy game with multiplayer co-op. But while DotE was a bit of an accident, it became such a fan favorite that we just had to create its spiritual successor.

Of course, there are many key differences, including twin-stick action and direct control, plus current and next-gen console support from Day 1.

Check out the video to hear straight from the brains behind the games, plus see some brand-new extended gameplay footage!


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