We Interview: Gavin Waxkirsh founder of Camden Games, the Publisher of Asteroid Dice

We had the pleasure of interviewing Gavin Waxkirsh, the founder of Camden Games, an exciting new publisher that is disrupting the world of tabletop games. Camden Games focuses on creating dexterity and “physical” games that capture the vibrant atmosphere and positive energy of Camden Town. Our conversation with Gavin shed light on their released products, their latest Kickstarter campaign for the game Asteroid Dice, their upcoming game Shape Invaders, and their plans for the future.

Camden Games is quickly making a name for itself by offering unique gaming experiences that go beyond traditional board games. Gavin Waxkirsh and his team have succeeded in infusing their games with the lively spirit of Camden Town, a neighborhood in London known for its vibrant music scene, eclectic markets, and artistic community. By bringing this positive vibe to dexterity games, Camden Games offers players a whole new level of excitement and entertainment. Camden Games’ innovative approach to game design ensures that players are fully engaged and having a blast throughout the gaming experience.

Looking ahead, Camden Games has ambitious plans to continue creating innovative games that capture the essence of Camden Town. They aim to expand their portfolio with a diverse range of titles. Gavin expressed enthusiasm for exploring new ideas, mechanics, and themes that will continue to push the boundaries of tabletop gaming.

Town. With their released products already gaining traction, their Kickstarter campaign for Asteroid Dice underway, and the anticipation surrounding the upcoming game Shape Invaders, Camden Games is striving to make an impact on the gaming industry.

Make sure to check out our preview of Asteroid Dice and stay tuned for more exciting news from Camden Games coming soon.


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