Sabrent’s New USB-C to USB-C cables with smart display are what USB cables SHOULD be


If I had a wish list, one of the items would be proper labeling of USB cables.  If you’re like me, you reach into a storage cubby for a cable and then realize that it’s impossible to determine if the cable is a high-speed one, capable of rapid charging, and if it is, to what level.  Well, SABRENT shares my frustration, and they’ve introduced two new fast-charging USB-C to USB-C cables.  Available in either a 1 meter (3.2 feet) or 2 meter length (6.4 feet), and at either 60W or 100W of charging capacity, these cables also feature another wishlist item of mine — a screen.  On that screen you’ll be able to see in real time how much power is being passed.  With that, you will know how much juice your device is sending or receiving — handy when you are at an airport or coffee shop and don’t precisely know what’s coming out of the local plug.

Beyond the obvious capabilities, these have full USB 2.0 capability, able to pull 480 Mbps of data transfer speeds.  They also have an integrated smart chip in the cable, which puts some intelligence into the device to detect the maximum data transfer speeds and power delivery, and then safely delivers precisely that while still protecting the devices involved.  Throw in nylon braiding and an aluminum shell and you’ve got something built to last.

If you are an Apple device user, fret not — these cables are also Apple MFI certified, meaning you’ll be able to use this on the entire fruit-pantheon.  There’s even a USB-C to Lightning variant, if you need the cable for an older device still using that interface.

Frankly, these cables may be more pricey than a cheap cable, but with the significant amount of tech and quality built into these devices, it’s easy to see why.  For me, I’m just happy to be able to reliably grab a cable and know precisely what’s going on with it.

You can pick up these new cables from the links above starting right…now!


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