Razer announces new Raiju controllers and Thresher headset for PS4

Today Razer announced the release of two new controllers and a headset for the PS4. The Razer Raiju Ultimate and the Razer Raiju Tournament Edition controllers , along with the Razer Thresher headset, are designed to give gamers a better, more immersive gaming experience.

The Razer Raiju Ultimate has been designed to push the boundaries of customization. The Raiju Ultimate has wired and Bluetooth connectivity options available for every type of gamer.

A new dedicated mobile app enables gamers to make advanced customizations easily. Multi-function buttons can be mapped to create more than 500 customized profiles to fit different playstyles for different gaming genres. Users may adjust the sensitivity of thumbstick movements to achieve greater headshot aiming precision or speedy response.  Advanced lighting effects are powered by Razer Chroma for immersive gaming—RGB LED lighting up in sync with controller vibrations and other button actions.

The D-pad and thumbsticks are also interchangeable, allowing more customization and personalization options. This controller also features Mecha-Tactile Action Buttons, which combine crisp, responsive clicks with a soft -cushioned touch. There’s also a switch on the back that allows for quick transitioning between Bluetooth, PS4, USB, and PC Bluetooth modes. Also included is a control panel that provides features such as on-the-fly mapping and profile switching. A secure button lock helps prevent accidental button presses.

The Razer Raiju Tournament Edition doesn’t have as many of the same features as the Ultimate, but it is designed to give gamers a competitive edge. The Tournament Edition still includes wired and wireless connectivity, Mecha-Tactile Action Buttons, and four extra multi-function buttons, along with configuration being available through the app. The D-pad has individual buttons and a concave plane, while the analog sticks are concave with a crosshair texture. The Tournament Edition lacks the lighting and control panel that the Ultimate Edition has, but it has more than enough to make up for it.

The Razer Thresher provides control and comfort for any gaming session. The headset can be used with a wired 3.5mm connection or a wireless 2.4 GHz connection. On a single charge, the Razer Thresher can last up to 16 hours in wireless mode without issue. The headset can even function up to 40 feet away from the PS4.

The headset comes with large leatherette ear cushions made of memory foam that conform to any gamer’s head. The memory foam provides extraordinary comfort, better sound quality, and noise isolation, even for those wearing glasses thanks to the indented eyewear channels in the ear cups.

Mic and master volume controls are built into the headset, providing a quick and easy way to adjust the sound levels. The retractable unidirectional boom microphone and mic-monitoring allow you to hear yourself in-game. This level of control makes all the difference when communication and ambient sounds matter. The Razer Thresher is also compatible with Nintendo Switch, PC. and other devices that support 3.5mm audio ports.

The Razer Raiju Ultimate, Razer Raiju Tournament Edition, and Razer Thresher are all available today on, and will be available worldwide in Fall 2018. The Razer Raiju Ultimate is priced at $199.99, the Razer Raiju Tournament Edition is $149.99, and the Razer Thresher is $129.99. So if you’re a fan of Razer products and want to check out more about them, make sure to visit


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