Dungeon Fighter Online Act X: Rebirth Detailed

Nexon has revealed the final details of the upcoming summer update to side-scrolling MMO action-brawler Dungeon Fighter Online. The massive update will take launch on June 29th.

First up is a revamped item shop, which will allow players to purchase customizable avatars and preview various accessories in a friendlier, more efficient format. Selectable Avatars are another new addition, giving players more control over their look. Previously announced features for the summer update include a new Thief class, a raise to the level cap, and new dungeons. The full list of updates can be found by heading over to the official site. In addition, Nexon will be running several player events to celebrate the launch of the new update:

In celebration of Act X: Rebirth, DFO will be running several events so that players can try out the Thief class, try their hand at reaching level 70 or explore the new  city of Bahn-Hafen. Double EXP, Golden Goblin and Hot Time events will be held from 5-7 p.m. PST on June 30, July 2, July 9 and July 10. Players can use these events to level up faster and receive special gifts unique to Act X: Rebirth.

Dungeon Fighter Online has been around for almost two years and still going strong. Check it out if you’re looking for a little beat ’em up action this summer!

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