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Tim is a veteran gamer whose love started with boardwalk arcade games and the Atari 2600 he received for Christmas when he was six years old. Since that time he has owned nearly every major console while also remaining a hardcore PC gamer. He is also a self-confessed MMO addict who has tried almost every A-list MMO release since the original EverQuest. Tim is a committed platform agnostic - if it's fun, he'll play it. So in addition to the world of traditional video games, you can find him playing board games on a Saturday night, dabbling in some old-school D&D, or checking out a new mobile game on his iPhone or iPad. He is also a devoted puzzle fan who can often be found clutching a pencil and a copy of Games magazine. Tim's eclectic habits also extend to his love of reading, movies, and music. He is a huge movie buff who has nearly completed his goal of watching every film on the AFI Top 100 Movies of All Time list. He is also a huge horror buff who currently owns around 200 of the best (and worst) horror movies. On the music front he loves everything from the Beatles to Beethoven, and is currently working his way through an ever-growing list of fantasy novel series. Tim is a network engineer for a regional medical center. When not indulging his many entertainment hobbies, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, cooking out, and taking care of his "zoo" of three cats and two cockatiels.

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