Display your dice with style- Dwarven Forge’s Reliquaries Kickstarter announced

If you have been in the D&D and tabletop sphere for long enough then you will surely recognize the famous name of Dwarven Forge. For years they have crafted some of the finest tabletop terrain that you could get your hands on and it is the dream of all dungeon masters to use Dwarven Forge terrain in every battle map in their games. This Kickstarter, however, isn’t solely meant for just the dungeon master. This Kickstarter is meant for both player and dungeon masters alike so that you can show off your dice with some style!

Presenting: Reliquaries – a line of hand-painted dice thrones launching November 3rd on Kickstarter. Finally, a beautiful new way to display your gaming dice at home and on the game table. Reliquaries will be offered in a variety of fantasy themes, purpose-made to elevate and celebrate your dice. Our master artists have sculpted and painted each Reliquary to capture the spirit of the given theme. More than a dozen different designs ensure there’s a distinct Reliquary to match nearly any special die.


  • Multiple collections of sculptures, each embodying a distinct fantasy theme.

  • One additional design created specifically for tracking character abilities using dice.

  • The largest Reliquaries feature internal LEDs to create dramatic light effects on displayed dice, especially striking on translucent dice.

  • All Reliquaries feature interchangeable dice inserts to accommodate a range of sizes and styles of dice.

  • Cast in Dwarvenite® and painted by hand.

Can’t wait to get your hands on these amazing displays? Well, you won’t have to wait long because the Kickstarter is right around the corner! (Word to the wise though, set your alarms early if you want to get in on the first wave. They usually go quick!) For all your information on everything within the gaming sphere, stay right here on Gaming Trend!

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