Vacation is Over, Time for Games – Friday Tabletop Kickstarter Update

Hello! Welcome to Friday Tabletop Kickstarter Update! For info on what is going on here, check out this introduction. Some of the big hitters are gearing up for their fall releases and other publishers are just getting started. Either way there is no shortage of tabletop projects on Kickstarter.

Remember that I am in no way endorsing these games, I have not played them, I have not talked to the publishers. Back at your own risk.

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The Contender
Apparent Weight: Light
Genre: Card matching, Political parody, Freedom

Finally an Apples to Apples clone that I can get behind. The genius minds behind The Contender have brought politics into play as one player, the moderator, reads out a topic that players try to debate over with their hand of cards. What makes this game particularly interesting is the cards are all actual quotes from politicians. If you want to be hyper current you can back at a pledge level that includes quotes from the 2015-2016 presidential debates.


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Apparent Weight: Medium
Genre: Horror, Miniatures, Cooperative

This week’s game full of miniatures is Lobotomy, a stunning horror adventure game where players are trying to escape a mental institution. Don’t let the blood and grime fool you, there are some mechanics that sound fascinating in this cooperative, all tying in the theme that the players are not mentally well. Check out the game overview, especially the memory cards and the disorders. Creepy, but in a great way.


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One Night Ultimate Vampire
Apparent Weight: Light-Medium
Genre: Hidden role, Social deduction

The masters of social deduction, Bezier Games, have brought their latest creation to Kickstarter, One Night Ultimate Vampire. As a vast multitude of gamers know and love, the one night series of games aims to get the same tension and excitement of the classic Werewolf/Mafia games without any of the annoying downtime and player elimination. One Night Vampire brings a pile of new roles and mechanics to the One Night series that can be played by itself or mixed in with other titles.


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Dingo’s Dream
Apparent Weight: Light
Genre: Grid movement, Small outback animals

Kickstarter legend Ryan Laukat and his company Red Raven games are looking to continue raising funds for Dingo’s Dream. In this family oriented game, players are trying to get their cute outback animal home via a grid of beautifully illustrated tiles. Additionally in this campaign, Red Raven is putting together another edition of their crunchy game City of Iron.


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Apparent Weight: Light
Genre: Tile placement, Beard festooning

If you are like me and you like beards and Carcassonne, boy do I have a game for you. In Beardsmith players are trying to fashion the best looking beard, well part of a beard. Each turn players place one tile on to the ever growing beard of a dwarf. With some take-that style tiles of gum and strategic tiles like scissors, this one is worth taking a look at.


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