The BOYAMIC review — Crystal clear audio and a variety of recording options, all in one small plug-and-play package

I recently began to dive into creating more video-based content for GamingTrend, specifically to better provide coverage while attending conventions, and quickly realized that if I wanted to create content on a semi-professional level, I would need to begin acquiring a large assortment of new tools. The first item I desperately needed was a microphone set, so imagine my excitement when the opportunity to test BOYA’s latest all-in-one microphone system, the BOYAMIC, was offered to me. I quickly jumped at the opportunity and immediately began putting the impressively robust all-in-on microphone system to work.

First, let’s talk about the surprising amount of gear and accessories included in the small box:

  • Charging case
  • TX Microphone x 2
  • RX Receiver x 1
  • USB-C
  • Magnet x 2
  • Carrying pouch
  • Furry Windshield x 2
  • Lavalier Mic x 2
  • USB-A/C & Lightning
  • Mic Clip x 2
  • 3.5mm TRS to TRS
  • Foam Windscreen x 2

From the moment you unpackage the BOYAMIC, you’ll be impressed. The first thing you’ll notice is the clamshell case which holds the two TX microphones and the RX receiver, along with RX connection accessories for both Android and iOS products. The case feels nigh indestructible, though I didn’t put it through any rigorous testing to prove that, and acts as a charging unit for the TXs and RX, able to hold enough battery to fully charge all items 1.5 times. The case has a sleek matte finish and small indicator lights to inform you quickly of the charge left on the unit, while a USB-C port on the back allows the unit to be charged via any USB connection. While this case isn’t large enough to hold all the included accessories, it does hold everything needed for quick recording sessions.

For recording sessions where the other accessories may come into play, you can use the included carrying pouch, which can easily hold the case along with all included accessories. Among the accessories I was surprised to find two great lavalier mics, along with foam windscreens and mic clips for both. The TXs on their own work great, but the addition of the surprisingly great lavalier mics makes the whole package much more versatile, allowing for clear sound in a variety of recording situations. Just as versatile are the methods of wearing and using the TX, which can clip onto your clothes, be held in place on your outfit by a strong magnet, be held in your hand and used as a handheld microphone, or can be hidden on your clothes while you run the lavalier mic up your shirt and clip it wherever needed. Really, no matter your preferred recording style or what recording situation you may find yourself in, the BOYAMIC offers the tools necessary to make recording a breeze.

Quality craftsmanship and accessories are certainly nice but can’t make up for a microphone that isn’t able to provide consistently great sound quality. Thankfully, the BOYAMIC excels in this aspect. No matter how the BOYAMIC is being used, you’re guaranteed to have crystal clear recordings whether you are in a loud room, a bustling public setting, or even in a location which requires you to speak softly, all while maintaining that quality for distances of up to 300 meters. That sound quality can be captured in a variety of ways, including directly onto the TX or on your phone or camera via the RX receiver, with each way providing the same quality audio output.

Let’s take a moment to dive into the gritty details of the TX microphones and the RX Receiver. The BOYAMIC is a portable 2.4GHz wireless microphone system, with a TX microphone set and an RX receiver that can transmit crystal clear audio at distances up to 300 meters, provided there are minimal obstacles blocking the line of vision. Unlike many other microphones, turning your back to the camera seems to create no noticeable difference in audio quality. Onboard the TX is a button to initiate noise cancellation, while retaining the 48kHz/24bit HD audio. The TX normally lights up blue but will light up green when noise cancellation is active, and red when recording. I tested recording with both the noise cancellation on and off and was thoroughly impressed by how well the noise cancellation worked as it effectively dampened, or, in many cases, completely removed the background noise while still perfectly capturing audio from whomever was speaking. The TX has an 8GB internal memory which can easily store up to 15 hours of recording, and these recordings can be moved onto a PC or other device by simply attaching the USB to USB-C cord and dragging the file from the TX to its intended location. Onboard recording is entirely optional, especially when using the RX receiver to broadcast the audio to another device, but is nice if you are using the TX on its own or want a backup of the audio file.

The TX has a battery life of anywhere from 6 to 10 hours depending on if you are utilizing the onboard recording function, and two are provided in this package so you can swap between TXs throughout the day, allowing you to charge one while using the other. When recording, even 6 hours is a long time, so I can hardly imagine a scenario where the battery life will become an issue, especially since the included clamshell case is able to charge both the TX and RX whenever they are not in use. Both the included foam windscreens and the furry windshields work great, with the windscreen connecting to the lavalier mix, and the furry windshield connecting directly to the TX by simply inserting and twisting. As I said before, the variety of accessories and recording functions available are quite staggering for such a small product, and the quality of the recordings this tiny microphone can produce cannot be overstated.

The RX serves as a plug and play device on most iOS/Android/Camera/Computers, able to connect via USB-C or lightning instantly when using the included attachments. At the base of the TX is a small grove which the attachments can slide into, and afterwards you simply plug the RX into any device you’d like to use and that’s it. It’s all very simple and intuitive. The RX shows the sound levels and other important details of both TX microphones when on, and allows you to switch between stereo, mono, or safety tracks. Once connected to your device of choice, you simply turn on the TX microphone, hit record on your device, and you’re off to the races. The sound transfers instantly with no noticeable lag and comes through crystal clear. I was consistently impressed by how well my phone camera was able to pick up my recordings even when I walked into other rooms and left the phone behind. Throughout every test video that I made and every situation that I put the microphone in, one thing remained consistent – the BOYAMIC never faltered, delivering crystal clear audio with no noticeable lag.

You can monitor your recording in real-time by utilizing the 3.5mm headphone output on the RX, which is great for ensuring the sound is correctly setup before or during long recording sessions, though I quickly moved past checking sound levels after a few tests because the BOYAMIC had given me no reason to doubt its sound quality. Even when simultaneously recording sound to two devices, which the BOYAMIC allows you to do via an included cable, there was no noticeable drop in sound quality. To connect to two devices at once you simply insert the RX into one device, then run a small cable from the RX to the 2nd device. This feature is great for content creators, those who wish to maintain the same audio track despite using different camera angles, or those who want to record in landscape and portrait modes simultaneously.

Overall, I found that the BOYAMIC was exactly what I needed to begin my convention documentation journey, and firmly believe that the tools the BOYAMIC provides will allow me to create quality content in the future. Despite its small size, the BOYAMIC has proven to be a worthy contender in the crowded audio market.

News Editor | [email protected]

Richard Allen is a freelance writer and contributing editor for various publications. While he enjoys modern gaming, he is a retro gamer at heart, having been raised on a steady diet of Contra, Mario, and Dragon's Lair.  Chat with him via @thricetheartist on Twitter.




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The BOYAMIC continuously impresses with its crystal-clear audio and variety of recording options. For those like me with little to no knowledge of the ins and outs of recording, I was pleasantly surprised at the plug-and-play nature of the product, the quality of the build, the variety of included accessories, and the impressive noise reduction. If you’re looking for a quality all-in-one product which won’t break the bank, then the BOYAMIC is well worth the investment.

Richard Allen

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