Colossal Crustaceans Collide in Combat — Fight Crab review!

Fight Crab by Nussoft is an arena brawler where you get to play as a gigantic, weapon-wielding crab. This game is everything you’d expect it to be: ridiculous, wholesome fun. There isn’t a ton to say in this review because Fight Crab is a pretty simple and fun game to play. The UI isn’t confusing, and while it’s meant to be played with a controller, I did just fine with a keyboard. The controls are a little slow and clunky, but it doesn’t take away from the excitement of the game.

Fight Crab - Official Steam Launch Trailer

I initially requested two keys to play with a friend, but my six year old son really wanted to play with me, so we ended up doing the review together. He’s been happily logging in to play Fight Crab just about every day since.

The goal of the game is to flip the opposing crab onto its back for at least 3 seconds. Your starter crab is pretty basic, and you can pick up anything from a palm tree to nunchuks to wield as a weapon against your foe. The maps have all kinds of crazy items you can pick up, so keep your eyes open. After you get some games under your belt, you’ll have money to spend in the shop where you can purchase permanent weapons that your crab will start each level with. I had the most fun with a gigantic rocket booster that propelled me forward at lightning speed.

Flip your opponent on his back for 3 seconds to win the round!

You can also upgrade your stats in the store to get more health and attack, get new crab models, and new weapons to hold in your gigantic, sexy claws.

The maps are small but fun, and range from a downtown area with cars and palm trees, to fighting on a table in a Chinese restaurant beside bowls of soup and won-tons. There is a dungeon map, and also an Asian themed outdoor map where enemy crabs come at you dual-wielding fans. You’ll absolutely destroy these arenas as you brawl, and it’s delightful fun. Pretty much anything you can get your claws on can be your weapon, and by the time you’re done your map will be in shambles.

Fight Crab is fun, face value entertainment. You won’t have to worry about much, just hop in, grab a weapon, and beat the crap out of the enemy. This game does support playing with friends through Steam.

If you’re looking for a game to kill some time with, and don’t want to invest much brain power, Fight Crab will do just fine. I wonder if the OG, internet sensation, knife wielding crab a few years back knew he’d inspire an entire game?

Fight Crab is currently on Steam for $19.99, click here to check it out!

The OG who started it all. Who knew that this little internet sensation who stole our hearts would inspire an entire game!?


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Fight Crab

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Fight Crab is a wacky, fun game. While it doesn't have much depth, the sheer silliness of it will keep you entertained for an afternoon. It does support multiplayer, and I found it to be a lot more fun when teamed up with my son. With easy to learn controls, and fast paced battle, you can't help but love Fight Crab.

Holly Hudspeth

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