Epic Mythology Rolling Kills – Friday Tabletop Kickstarter Update

Hello! Welcome to Friday Tabletop Kickstarter Update! For info on what is going on here, check out this introduction. Just when I think I have seen everything, Kickstarter projects remind me that there are some really creative people out there. This week has some very interesting and original themes and mechanics.

Remember that I am in no way endorsing these games, I have not played them, I have not talked to the publishers. Back at your own risk.

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Epic Card Game
Apparent Weight: Medium
Genre: Card game, Fantasy, Strategy

White Wizard Games thrust themselves on to the Kickstarter stage with their first game Star Realms. Following on to Star Realms massive success, they are looking to fund another card based strategy game called Epic. For hardcore CCG fans, Epic supports draft style metagaming out of the box, with no need to purchase more cards. The game looks like a streamlined version of Magic, complete with four different factions with back and forth spell casting. This is not one to miss, especially with all of the stretch goals they are flying through.


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Thrash’n Roll
Apparent Weight: Medium
Genre: Heavy Metal, Dice placement, Band building

Initially grabbing my attention simply for its unique theme, Thrash’n Roll presents a more hardcore dice placement game with battling bands fighting for glory and fame. Players use a dice mechanic, that looks similar to Alien Frontiers and the like, to take various actions all with the goal of pumping out tracks and rising to the top of the charts. Sure, the theme and the art are not going to appeal to everyone, but Thrash’n Roll does look promising.


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World of Mythology
Apparent Weight: Light
Genre: Trick taking, Special powers, Awesome art

Games with good art are always going to get my attention, and World of Mythology is no exception. Even if you have no interest in a light trick taking game, scroll through the campaign to check out the unique style. World of Mythology takes traditional trick taking games and adds special powers to each of the cards and a circular trump system. Players attempt to best their opponents and score the most points. Again, the art in the campaign is well worth a look.


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10 Minutes to Kill
Apparent Weight: Light
Genre: Bluffing/Deduction, Hidden identity, Anthropomorphic hitmen

What is better then killing all of your friends (game pieces)? Killing all of your friends as a anthropomorphised walrus. In 10 Minutes to Kill, players move pawns around the board trying to get into appropriate killing position. When the coast is clear their assassin (whose identity is only known to them) can take out a target. Only after a pawn has been killed can players investigate the fallen character. Rout out your opponent’s hitmen and become the best there is.


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Apparent Weight: Medium
Genre: Adventure, Miniatures, Dungeon crawl

I thought we would almost make it out of this week without any miniatures, but Succubus Publishing’s Middara is overflowing with plastic, sure to overjoy any painter. I have not figured out what exactly is behind the game as the page seems to be focusing on their extensive miniatures and related art. But one thing is for sure, they are aiming high. Middara is approaching the Kingdom Death level of plastic overflow.


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