Dragons, Dwarves and Mobsters – Friday Kickstarter Tabletop Update

Hello! Welcome to Friday Tabletop Kickstarter Update! For info on what is going on here, check out this introduction. This week we see even more influence from the previously unavailable European domain. With such greats as Pegasus Spiele entering the Kickstarter arena, we are certain to see even more high caliber games.

Remember that I am in no way endorsing these games, I have not played them, I have not talked to the publishers. Back at your own risk.

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The Dwarves: The Saga
Apparent Weight: Medium
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Dice rolling

Pegasus Spiele, for those who do not know, is one of the larger game publishers in Germany. Now that Kickstarter has opened their doors to more European countries, Pegasus Spiele is taking this opportunity to publish their popular title Die Zwerge in an English edition, and like any good Kickstarter, they are including an expansion along with it. The Dwarves and The Saga expansion pull players into a fantasy setting filled with goblins, orcs and other nasty elements trying to reign terror in Girdlegard. With elements of adventure and area control, this European made game feels a lot more like a classic Ameritrash game. The Saga expansion gives even more game content as well as significant component upgrades.


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Apparent Weight: Medium-Light
Genre: Mini war game, Resource management, Blind bidding

The Kickstarter powerhouse Indie Boards and Cards have teamed up with Rikki Tahta (of Coup fame) again to give Melee to the world. In Melee players balance a limited income with an ever increasing army. Looking over the rules, this looks like more of a bluffing / bidding game than a war game. To attack, a player secretly bids a certain amount of gold, if the opponent guesses the amount the attack fails. My only question is why the high price tag? For a smaller footprint game, the base pledge is $25.


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Assault on Doomrock – Doompocalypse
Apparent Weight: Medium
Genre: Cooperative, Adventure, Card game, Variable player powers

Assault on Doomrock was initially funded last year on Indiegogo, however BD Games is coming to Kickstarter this time to fun both a second edition and the first expansion: Doompocalypse. As the game is made up almost entirely of cards, naturally the expansion adds more content to the already deep stacks of cards. With variable player powers, randomized adventure decks and lots of loot, players are always faced with a new challenge when playing. Well worth taking a look at.


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Apparent Weight: Medium
Genre: Area control, Social manipulation

If you ever dreamed of controlling a city level crime syndicate, but never wanted to deal with the stress of being killed, the hassle of being sent to prison or the uncertainty of being robbed, then a game like Gamboni might be what you are looking for. Each player controls a different crime family in New York. Players build up different “businesses,” spread their respect and ultimately wrestle out their opponents. With mobster inspired art all around, Gamboni is one to look over.


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Defenders of the Realm: Dragon Expansion
Apparent Weight: Medium-light
Genre: Fantasy, Cooperative

The popular cooperative game from Eagle-Gryphon, Defenders of the Realm is getting a facelift for one of its expansions. The campaign is looking to fund a component upgrade for the Dragon Expansion to the base game. What is better than a boardgame with dragons? A boardgame with dragon miniatures! Also featuring updated art, this expansion is sure to entice anyone who is already a fan of Defenders of the Realm, and may even pull in those who have never played.


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