5 Tips to Stay Ahead in Advanced Warfare

In reviewing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, I spent many hours with the multiplayer portion, pitted against devs and noobs alike. During that time, I learned some tips and tricks that can give any average player the edge on release day, and they’ll need it too. Now that Day Zero is gone, there will be players with a full day’s advantage, possibly even a full prestige up on the release day players!

But don’t worry. Just follow Uncle Eric’s advice, and you’ll be topping the charts in every match!

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Tip 1: Master your boost movements (and know their limitations)

The key to movement in Advanced Warfare is knowing how your boost movement works. You can chain certain combinations of them together, but can’t repeat them in succession. For example, you can slide, boost jump and then air dash, but you can’t boost jump three times in a row. Also, be sure to use the slide! In a game about increased verticality, most players don’t expect a forward slide, and it can win you a skirmish. Also, sliding before doing a boost jump will increase the height and distance you boost jump, so practice those slides!

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Tip 2: Learn to speed reload

By quickly double-tapping X instead of single-tapping it, you can speed reload your gun in combat. This dumps the clip and you lose whatever rounds were in it permanently, but you reload twice as fast. Each gun also has a special speed reload animation, for those who just care about the visual fidelity of operating weapons systems.

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Tip 3: Understand the map layout, and how it can work to your advantage

Many maps have environmental hazards you can use to eliminate the opposition. For example, in Bio Lab, you can shoot down the brownish-green canisters to infect anyone below with Manticore, instantly killing them! There is also a building that is constructed halfway through the match that has a mounted turret inside; when so many players are flying and dodging, most don’t expect to get mowed down by a good ol’ fashioned mounted minigun.

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Tip 4: Uplink fundamentals are key

Uplink, the new game mode for Advanced Warfare, is a blast to play. There’s some little-known mechanics that you can use to ensure that you make it to the uplink uninhibited by the other team, and they’re a little unexpected. For example, when you hold the uplink, you can melee enemies for an insta-kill and have increased armor; but if you toss the uplink to an enemy, you leave them without a weapon, and you can effectively take them down with your newly-freed guns!

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Tip 5: Utilize that supply crate loot

A fancy new Elite weapon from a supply drop is always exciting. You get increased stats and a fancy new skin for the gun, but did you know that any pre-attached accessories on your gun don’t count towards your Pick 13? That’s a whole slot freed up for more lethal grenades or, if you’re like me, even more attachments! Also, know the strengths of your loot: some guns may lose range in exchange for all that increased damage, so don’t expect them to be as universally useful as the standard weapon was.


That’s all for the Advanced Warfare Advice Corner! Remember to check your flanks, watch your minimap and stay tuned to Gaming Trend, because someone’s gotta keep the lights on around here.


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