You feelin lucky, punk – Sci-fi looter shooter, Space Punks available now on Epic Games Store

Space Punks, a new free-to-play sci-fi looter-shooter from developer Flying Wild Hog and publisher Jagex Partners is out now in Early Access on PC through the Epic Games Store.

The game’s art style seems to borrow heavily from the Borderlands franchise, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Of course, the game has only just launched in Early Access, so it will be interesting to see how it evolves with time and feedback from the player base.

While the game will be free-to-play when it releases in Open Beta this winter, the only way to play the game in Early Access now is to purchase its Founder’s Editions that come in two varieties right now:

  • Swag Pack: The basic pack for any budding misfit provides guaranteed Early Access and unlocks all four main characters. It also features a Season 1 Battle Pass for Open Beta and exclusive backgrounds, four emotes, the Epic Cape and Epic Dash effect. Price: $29.99 / €23.99 / £21.99
  • Splendor Pack: The ultimate starter kit for only the hardcore scoundrel features everything in the Swag Pack as well as other additional benefits – four Epic Character Skins, Epic Player Entrance and more. Price: $49.99 / €39.99 / £34.99

After the open beta period this winter, the game is expected to release on console in 2022.

Key features of Space Punks:

  • Endless Arsenal: Guns, grenades, gadgets and gizmos. Whatever weapon you’re looking for, this galaxy’s got it, and they’re all designed for one thing: instant gratification
  • Limitless Power If there’s one thing you want in this universe, it’s MORE. It’s all about the space Benjamins. Get stuff. Get famous. And get more powerful with every run
  • Not Heroes: Misfits. Pirates. Scoundrels. Just don’t call them heroes. They might have hearts of gold but they’d happily pawn them for gun money
  • Share the Glory: Sure, you’ll need to split your plunder, but nothing beats the shared satisfaction of a successful run with your closest friends in the galaxy
  • Brilliant Galaxy: It’s a weird and wonderful universe full of weird and not-so-wonderful things… all ready and waiting to kill you. Better kill them first

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Noah Anzaldua is a game journalist, Twitch streamer, and a passionate fan of Apex Legends and Destiny 2. Writing and streaming are his passions, and he is carving a career path out for himself. He is a graduate of the University of Alabama where he is majored in News Media, History, and Political Science.

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