Walk with dinosaurs as Pinball FX3 welcomes players to Jurassic World

Zen Studios announced that it will be collaborating with Universal studios to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Jurassic Park series by releasing a set of tables inspired by the classic dinosaur films.

In the Jurassic World Pinball Pack, three tables will be included inspired by the Jurassic Park films and Jurassic World. These boards will include dialogue from the films to enhance the player’s experience.

Zen Studios has spared no expense to bring you the finest video pinball adventure this side of Isla Nublar with its Jurassic Park Pinball table. Hear from classic film characters as you relive your favorite cinematic moments from the original film in a whole new way. Outrun the T. rex in an iconic Jurassic Park jeep, hunt Velociraptors or outsmart those clever girls in the kitchen.

The Jurassic World Pinball pack will be released for all versions of Pinball FX3 on February 20th, 2018.

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