Time for a sweet tooth, Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet is now available on consoles

Today during the Ratalaika Games Visual Novel Showcase, the company announced that Nomnomnami’s visual novel Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet is now available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita today. The game focuses on an adorable candy alchemist with a hand-drawn art style and 10 different endings to discover.

Syrup, a candy alchemist, has discovered a living candy golem in her basement! Who made her or where did she even come from? It’s time to find out!

In a magical town there lives a candy alchemist, Syrup, who one day discovers a candy golem in her basement. Where did she come from? Who could’ve made her? Go find out!

Featuring a memorable cast of colorful characters and 10 unique endings. Your choices affect the story! Will Syrup achieve her dream of making the Ultimate Sweet, or will she meet a much more tragic fate…?

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