There’s glitter in the air when Hunt ‘n Sneak heads to PC next month

Today, Pixel Engineers announced that its couch multiplayer game Hunt ‘n Sneak will be available on PC via Steam on April 10. The game will task players to fight against each other as a Gobbler or Pixies as the former tries to take over the world.

Hunt ‘n Sneak is a manic couch co-op multiplayer game set in a world of mythical creatures. Players take on the roles of either the fearsome Gobbler as it tries to devour the Pixies and take over their world; or as the mischievous Pixies, who use pings of light to navigate their surroundings and escape the Gobblers. You’ll have to play smart if you want to win as you pursue, evade or outwit your opposition.

Hunt ‘n Sneak started life as an experimental game jam at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Melbourne, Victoria. During this time, the game had the working title of Ping and is no stranger to awards after winning first place in the game jam’s category of ‘Couch Multiplayer’.

Since then, Pixel Engineers have transformed Hunt ‘n Sneak into a fully-fledged, energetic multiplayer experience, playable by up to four players simultaneously.

James Koehne, founder of Pixel Engineers, said: “Stealth, intense chases, and jukes for days are just some of the things you’ll be frantically doing in Hunt ‘n Sneak. As we build up to the launch of the game we are ready to take the next step in the game’s journey and I can’t wait to show the game to everyone!”

Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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