Synced: Off Planet is heading to PC in 2022, Gamescom showcase premiering soon, watch live

We’ve all seen movies and video games based around surviving the apocalypse, but what about surviving the techno-apocalypse? Gamescom has released news about their upcoming release, Synced: Off Planet and will be premiering footage and additional details during their Gamescom showcase premiering in just a few moments!


NExT Studios Invites Alpha Testers to Check Out a New Breed of Companion Shooter Starting September 17th

PALO ALTO, CA – August 26th, 2021 – NExT Studios, a global developer of console and PC games, today announced that multiplayer shooter SYNCED: Off-Planet will kick off an Advanced Alpha test on PC starting September 17th. Returning to the global stage at Gamescom’s Opening Night Live 2021, SYNCED: Off-Planet released a brand new trailer showcasing the world in which the game is set  and detailed key aspects of the game’s narrative to PC players worldwide.

SYNCED: Off-Planet has also unveiled a showcase video hosted by Geoff Keighley, host and creator of The Game Awards and Opening Night Live. The Showcase will dive deeper into the game’s lore, its gameplay modes and nano abilities as well as providing more details of the upcoming Advanced Alpha. SYNCED: Off-Planet is expected to be released on Steam and similar PC games platforms globally in 2022.

SYNCED: Off-Planet is a companion-based shooter set in a techno-apocalyptic future. Fight together against enemy teams and synchronize with Nano companion classes to deploy in combat. Strengthen your squad, upgrade your weapons and uncover how society’s greatest innovation went wrong. Cybernetic enemies found on the surface of the planet, Nanos are the core of SYNCED: Off-Planet’s “companion-based shooter” gameplay innovation in the multiplayer shooter genre. Players discover and synchronize with various Nano types to gain control and deploy them in the field to increase the odds of victory.

Players interested in joining the action of SYNCED: Off-Planet can register for the upcoming Advanced Alpha on PC by visiting and receive the exclusive Founder’s Pack of digital in-game items containing both a weapon skin for the CQ4 Assault Rifle and a skin for the Crusher Nano class.

In SYNCED: Off-Planet, players can:

*WEAPONIZE YOUR ENEMIES: Bring something new to the fight with Nano companions. Synchronize the Nanos you defeat to control companion classes with different abilities and customizable modifiers to outsmart and outlast the competition.
*DEFEAT YOUR RIVALS: Team up in squads of three for fast-paced action across multiple game modes where you’ll need more than just shooting to survive. Use your environment, teammates and Nanos to deploy unique tactical combinations against roaming hoards and enemy teams.
*CUSTOMIZED COMBAT: Discover and develop your Haven between matches. Make upgrades to weapons and gear to improve your survival skills and save other survivors to expand your skill set for your next battle.
*SURVIVE A NOT-SO-DISTANT FUTURE: Immerse yourself in a story that grows with you. Progress through matches to meet more survivors and reveal new information.  Unravel the wires that bind techno-optimism and corruption to the downfall of society as we know it.

For a deep dive into the game’s features, watch the SYNCED: Off-Planet Gamescom Showcase Event co-hosted by Geoff Keighley on YouTube: and Twitch:

Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more info on Synced: Off Planet as it is released!

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