Choose your own adventure heads to a table near you in upcoming tabletop game, What Next?

Everybody loves board games, and most everybody loved reading “Choose Your Own Adventure” books growing up – so what happens when you combine the two together? Well, you get What’s Next? The new action-adventure tabletop game from Big Potato. In What’s Next? players will work together to solve multiple adventures and complete a variety of challenges. Check out below for more info and some pictures!

With so many of us stuck at home, it’s okay to take a break from video games every now and then. If your readers love RPGs, introduce them to screen-free fun with a tabletop RPG that’s just as immersive and adventurous as their favorite video games!

What Next? is the world’s first action-adventure board game from Big Potato (MSRP $50 on Amazon in September)! This cooperative game is the first tabletop game of its kind that adds a fun, physical twist to the “choose-your-own-adventure” concept.

The game includes three adventures, each one packed with twists and turns players will face together in real life (or take the journey alone and play solo).



Choosing the right path is only half the battle. Test your dexterity and motor skills along the way through fun physical challenges that may ask you to blow a card across the table, or catch a game piece before it hits the floor. Each successful challenge brings you one step closer to victory.

Fail a challenge, and the journey gets more dangerous: add a wooden piece to the Tower of Peril. Complete your adventure without destroying the Tower of Peril! If it topples, it’s game over for everyone!

Not only do players stay engaged throughout the game, but the team’s journey to completing the adventure varies each time you play, so the game always stays fresh!



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