Steam Summer Sale Begins

Yes, the much anticipated Steam Summer Sale has finally arrived!  Come for the insanely cheap publisher bundles, but stick around for the new deals they’ll be posting every single day at 1:00pm from now until July 22nd!

Steam’s seasonal sales traditionally update on a 24-hour cycle.  That’s mostly true this time around, but in an added twist, the normal everyday sales will be accompanied by a series of “Flash Sales” that will only last eight hours each.  Check back early and often, people!

Kicking things off, we’ve got a day of high octane, high magic, and high death-to-kill ratios — at least if you’re me! — with all the 50%+ discounts right after the jump….

  • Crusader Kings II – 75% off – $9.99
    Crusader Kings II + All DLC Packs – 40% off – $29.99
  • Indie Bundle I – 75% off – $9.99
    Anomaly: Warzone Earth
    The Baconing
    Cave Story+
    Lone Survivor
  • Portal 2 – 75% off – $4.99
    Two Pack – $8.74
    Portal & Portal 2 Pack – $6.24


The current Flash Sales include:

  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution – 75% off – $7.49
    Augmented Edition – $9.99
    The Missing Link DLC – $3.74
    Explosive Mission Pack – 40% off – $1.79
    Tactical Enhancement Pack – 40% off – $1.19
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