Sneak Energy drops Breakfast Orange tomorrow

By the time you read this it may already be out, so get your spoons and shakers at the ready. Sneak Energy teased a new flavor last week (which I didn’t completely realize was fully announced), with Breakfast Orange joining the lineup. Sneak HQ is really hyping this one up, calling it their best flavor yet. Check out the details below, along with our handy links so you can pick up your own. Or, grab some of the other awesome flavors!


What’s the flavor?

Breakfast Orange is a classic, Florida-style orange flavor — sweet and refreshing with an unmistakable citrus tang. SneakO’s cereal is a unique mixed fruit and honey flavor, unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. It’s also vegan.

What products are launching?

The full drop contains Breakfast Orange tubs, a sky blue Cereal Killer shaker, SneakO’s cereal, Breakfast bunny vinyl figure, ‘Missing’ milk carton & t-shirt, and two Cereal Killer hoodies — in black and blue. All are sold separately or you can get a Breakfast Bundle.

What’s the price?

Tubs: £39.95 / €45.95 / $40

Shaker: £10 / €12 / $9.99

Cereal: £10 / €10 / $10

Toy: £30 / €35 / $35

T-shirt: £25 / €30 / $32.99

Hoodie: £55 / €60.95 / $65

Breakfast Bundle: £49.95 / €54.95 / $49.95

When’s the launch?

August 31st, 2022 at 10am EST

Limited or permanent?

All Breakfast products are limited edition. So, no pressure.

Will there be order limits?

There are no limits on other items (until we sell out).

Are there going to be sachets (sample packs)?

Where we’re going, we don’t need sachets. This is a tubs-only affair.

That’s a wrap! You can pick up Sneak Energy, your Blue Raspberry tubs, and if you want to try it out, your starter kits, here via the links provided!

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