Smite SWC Keynote announcements — Smite’s biggest year EVER with Magic the Gathering Crossover!

WOW! We are here at Smite SWC in Arlington, Texas and were blown away by this years first round of announcements! Of course we’re getting new Gods, and though a lot of folks were hoping for the delayed Voodoo God, we are thrilled to see something unexpected! Surtr, the Fire Giant will be Smite’s first God of 2023, launching on Jan 24th!

SMITE - Surtr, The Fire Giant | Year 10 God Cinematic

We’ll also be getting a brand new GORGEOUS Conquest map. Deeply inspired from beta and the S2 Conquest map, I can’t wait to jump in and play on it!

SMITE - New Conquest Map: The Season of Monsters

Of course we got a glimpse of the multiple Gods that will release this year. What are some of your predictions? I really think one of them is Charon, and I HOPE one of the others is Demeter. I can’t wait for Season 10!

SMITE - 2023 God Lineup - Year 10 Teaser


Last, and certainly not the least is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest Smite Crossovers yet: Magic the Gathering! I am SO excited about this one, and my main Mage, Nu Wa is getting my favorite Planeswalker skin, Lilliana! I cannot wait to see these skins in game, and we don’t have long to wait as it’s launching on January 24th!

SMITE x Magic: The Gathering - Crossover Event Begins January 2023!

As if all of this wasn’t enough, we are getting some major changes to items, and how the season will work. They are planning on having major content updates or events every single month. There is also a new Smite Year 10 Pass for $39.99 in the store which comes with a fantastic Sol skin. Ranked games will also be cross platform now! It looks like Hi-Rez is really looking to give us loads of quality of life updates along with fantastic content this year.

There has never been a better time to jump in and play Smite! You’ll also get a free Unlimited skin chest, where you get to CHOOSE the skin. Yes, you read that right, you get to pick the skin. There are some really awesome skins in the chest too. You only need to play 10 games to get the chest, along with 40 free boosters, and 10 pick your own God chests. If you don’t own the God Pack this is the easiest way to get new Gods! This is the most generous event they have had, so hop in and grab your freebies.

We are here in Arlington, Texas all weekend for the SWC playoffs, so stay tuned for more reveals and coverage!

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