Shigeru Miyamoto talks Super Mario Bros.’ World 1-1

Designer on the original Super Mario Bros., Shigeru Miyamoto, recently walked through the game’s first level, “World 1-1,” explaining its origins and original design choices.

“We wanted to figure out a way for players to be really satisfied with the bigger Mario,” Miyamoto told Eurogamer. “And so that’s actually why we created this small Mario first.”

The legendary game designer went on to explain how Nintendo used a mushroom because they believed it would be globally understood, as well as changes made from the level’s original design, and how level-design choices were made to ease players into the game’s mechanics, rather than creating a proper tutorial. Check out the fascinating video above.

On September 11, 2015, Nintendo will give fans their own chance to design Mario levels in the game, Super Mario MakerMake sure to check out our review, where we praised how easy and accessible the game was to use, saying, “Super Mario Maker not only respects Mario’s 30-year history, it gives players the keys to the Mushroom Kingdom like never before.”

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