SEASON: A letter to the future official story trailer released

The newest trailer for SEASON: A letter to the future shows us a further look at both the story and characters of the upcoming game from Scavenger Studios. It looks to not only tear at our heartstrings but challenge our minds as well. SEASON: A letter to the future launches on January 31, 2023, for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, and Epic Games Store. It was also announced that players can pre-order on PlayStation now with a 10% discount for PlayStation Plus users or secure a 10% launch week discount on Steam and Epic between January 31st and February 7th. The story trailer and additional information on the game are below:

SEASON: A letter to the future - CG Story Trailer | PC, PS5 & PS4

With the January 31st launch of SEASON: A letter to the future on the horizon, developer Scavengers Studio shares a deeper look into the emotional and thought-provoking world and story with a new, visually stunning story trailer.

They introduce some of the characters players will meet on their journey, each of whom is facing monumental change. Players will support them through these moments and try to understand this season and the mystery of why it will end.

In addition to the story trailer, the studio also shares more about some of the key characters players will encounter during their journey:

Kochi, a young boy, takes you on a bicycle tour of a valley the day before it is flooded.

Maytora, an outsider artist, documents the story of the valley through her sculptures. You’re the only witness to her final piece.

Easel is the last monk of Tieng Valley. Left behind by his teachers and friends, Easel awaits the change of the season in isolation, with nothing to pray for until you arrive.

You support them through moments of quiet crisis. In their lives, the change coming to the world is not abstract, it is immediate. They are trying to navigate, to survive, to find a way to live. You help them. You remember them.

Gameplay Features:

–A bicycle road trip: Wind your way through stunning landscapes on your bicycle and take in each moment. Your journey will take 6 to 12 hours, depending on how much you linger. You should linger. It’s a game about lingering.

–A compelling narrative: Discover a new world; one unknown yet familiar. Contemplate and make difficult choices that could affect how the story ends. Select and capture the most important moments from the current season to preserve them for future generations.

–Document, photograph, and record: Collect memories, make recordings, and piece together the secrets of the world of SEASON in a highly customizable journal.

–Emotionally complex characters: Meet a diverse cast of characters, each of whom has two precious things to share with you: the stories of their lives and a moment together at the end of the season.

–Immersive Soundtrack: Listen to the gorgeous score as you travel through the world; music is embedded in the landscapes, and evolves and drifts as you do.

PlayStation 5 Features:

–Adaptive Triggers: Using the triggers to pedal your bicycle, the resistance will vary depending on your speed and the steepness of the road.

–Haptic Feedback: Feel the texture of the ground change as you cycle over different terrain with the DualSense wireless controller’s haptic feedback.

–Tempest 3D AudioTech: Traverse the world’s lush soundscapes and record them with defined, dimensional precision.

–Faster Loading Times: Leave home without delay – near-instant loading via the PS5 system’s SSD sends you on a bicycle trip into a mysterious new world.

SEASON: A letter to the future will be available digitally on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 for $29.99 USD and Steam and Epic Games Store for $24.99 USD on January 31, 2023. Pre-order or add it to your wishlist now! To keep up to date with the latest news and updates, visit the official website, join Discord, and follow on Twitter and Facebook.

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