Supernatural platformer Mistcaller announced, heading to STEAM in December

Onyx Wings has announced its latest game Mistcaller, a supernatural platformer releasing exclusively on STEAM in December 2023. This fully hand-drawn adventure was inspired by games like Limbo and has players take the reins of Eve as she uses her newfound powers to overcome the haze which has shrouded the world, in an attempt to find her brother’s kidnappers and restore her lost memories. You can learn more about Mistcaller below:

January 12, 2022 — Developer Onyx Wings has today revealed its upcoming supernatural, mystery-based platformer Mistcaller, coming to Steam in December of this year. Mistcaller is an eerie, yet thrilling puzzle platformer that takes place in a world covered by mist, where players soon learn they can use special powers to bend the mist and control it to their advantage (or to their doom?).

The story is about Eve, a girl who finds herself alone in the world with no memory of what has happened. The world is covered by mist and her only companion is a strange voice coming from the shadows.

While she tries to restore her memories and discover her past, Eve begins to learn that she has the ability to control the mist to navigate around the world shrouded in darkness. Players use this power to control obstacles along the way.

Though not everything is what it seems. As the journey continues, the protagonist begins to uncover various truths and mysteries about the families’ past — and it gets interesting.

*Inspired by titles like Limbo, this game features beautifully hand-drawn designs that showcase artistic visuals
*Harness the power of the mist and navigate through a world shrouded in it
*Incredible puzzles and obstacles to overcome in diverse environments
*An in-depth story about the conflict between two families and a girl’s journey to rescue her kidnapped brother
*An ode to classic platformer games that bring robust art styles to gamers

To wishlist Mistcaller, visit Steam.

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