Roll20 and Paizo Inc. will support Pathfinder Infinite content on the Roll20 virtual tabletop

Pathfinder and Starfinder community content is coming to the Roll20 virtual tabletop thanks to an agreement made by Roll20 and Paizo Inc. Pathfinder Infinite first launched in 2021, allowing fans of Pathfinder and Starfinder to publish their own adventures and game supplements, now with this new agreement community creators will be able to convert or create content for play on the Roll20 virtual tabletop. You can read the full press release below:

Las Vegas, NV (12/15/22) – Roll20® and Paizo Inc. are excited to announce they’ve reached an  agreement to support Pathfinder Infinite community content officially on the Roll20 virtual  tabletop.

Pathfinder Infinite launched in 2021, allowing fans of the Pathfinder and Starfinder roleplaying  games to publish their own adventures and game supplements for other fans of the games.

With this new agreement regarding Pathfinder Infinite, community creators will be able to  convert or create content for play on the Roll20 virtual tabletop. Starting in February, they will be  able to sell that content directly on the Pathfinder Infinite site so that it unlocks for users on  Roll20, providing additional value for both creators and fans on both platforms. Creators can  begin preparing content on Roll20 now in anticipation of the February launch.

“Roll20 lets people bring their love for Pathfinder into their games online; meanwhile, Pathfinder  Infinite creators can channel their creativity into digital sales. By combining these capabilities,  we have closed the circle: Now creators can build content specifically for the virtual space  where people are already playing and support themselves financially at the same time,” said  Scott Holden, Director of Marketing and Publisher Relations at Roll20.

Earlier this year, Roll20 and OneBookShelf announced their new joint venture, and since  October of this year, both companies have been operating as one. The Roll20 virtual tabletop  provides a full suite of easy-to-use digital tools so players can build characters and run  campaigns seamlessly through their web browser. Through its family of premiere online  marketplaces, Roll20 has been selling digital and print-on-demand roleplaying games, war  games, comic books, and fiction since 2001.

“We are thrilled to see this intersection of Roll20’s virtual tabletop and the innovation of our  Pathfinder Infinite and Starfinder Infinite content creators. This partnership gives creators even  more options when crafting the exciting new rules options, adventures, and gaming accessories  they already excel in,” said Mark Moreland, Director of Brand Strategy at Paizo.

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