Rogue-lite zombie shooter Deadly Days out now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Following a release on Nintendo Switch and PC, roguelite zombie shooter Deadly Days has made its way to Xbox One and PS4.

The game is available for $18.99 on both platforms and a 20% limited time launch discount is also available on both Xbox and PlayStation.

Deadly Days is a one-of-a-kind zombie survival game that focuses on intense strategic elements, as well as the undeniable humour behind what a zombie apocalypse would look like in our modern meme-oriented society.

Key features of Deadly Days include:

  • Over 60 different crazy items and tons of powerful special abilities that can dramatically change the outcome of any battle
  • Over 25 weapon types with randomly generated modifications

  • Over 30 different survivor skins and more than 10 unique zombie and boss types that only want one thing: brains!
  • Lovingly designed pixel art style and procedurally generated cities and missions
  • Expand your base by building various rooms such as a greenhouse or mechanics room and craft crazy, unique weapons.

The game is more lighthearted than scary, and seems to aim for a meaningful meta grind in between different runs of the game.

Deadly Days is developed by Pixelsplit Games and published by Assemble Entertainment.

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Noah Anzaldua is a game journalist, Twitch streamer, and a passionate fan of Apex Legends and Destiny 2. Writing and streaming are his passions, and he is carving a career path out for himself. He is a graduate of the University of Alabama where he is majored in News Media, History, and Political Science.

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