Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X Available on XBLA and PSN

The Resident Evil series has been a huge success for Capcom.  While the series has been ridiculed for the voice acting and script of the original games, it has come into its own with Resident Evil 4.  Now Capcom is re-releasing some of their classic Resident Evil titles.  Yesterday Capcom released Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X onto XBLA and PSN.  This is the first time the game is available in HD, and it’s only $20.  While it might have a different feel than the more recent games, it’s definitely a good way to get your action-horror fix in.  If you want something a little more current, you can download Resident Evil 5 from Xbox Live Games on Demand, or you can get Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition on PSN on October 4th.  Halloween is coming up, and these are some great games to give you the chills.


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