Resident Evil 4 coming to Steam with spiffed up “Ultimate HD Edition”

I’ve always held 2005 as a seminal year in the evolution of horror games.  F.E.A.R. proved that scares and action aren’t mutually exclusive and Call of Cthulu: Dark Corners of the Earth laid the groundwork for the modern age of defenseless first-person horror.  But there’s still another game that had an even bigger influence than either of those: Resident Evil 4.

When it first showed up on the Gamecube, RE4 fundamentally redesigned the way players interacted with third-person survival horror games. In fact, t’s difficult to overstate RE4’s importance.  Simply put, games like Dead Space would not exist, but for RE4.  It’s a shame that the muddy, low-res graphics and 4:3 aspect ratio hasn’t aged well.  What’s worse, the only existing PC port of the game has some major issues with control and video quality.

Which brings us to today’s announcement: Capcom is releasing a dolled up, HD release of RE4: the Ultimate HD edition.  And it’s (finally) going to be available on Steam, come February 27!  Want to see how it looks? Check out the video above.  Whether the control issues are fixed remains to be seen, unfortunately.

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