Props strike back in Midnight Ghost Hunt

Midnight Ghost Hunt looks to add a paranormal twist on the extremely-popular prop hunt multiplayer modes. As a ghost, players can possess various household objects, taking advantage of their forms and functions to attack the ghost hunters. Ghosts can exit possessed objects, seek out other objects, and hurl them at foes—whatever it takes to outsmart and overwhelm the ghost hunters.

At the start of a match, ghost hunters have 4 minutes to remove the ghostly threat using their gadgets. If they fail, midnight will be upon them and the ghosts will return as vengeful spirits. Now, its the ghosts’ turn to hunt the hunters before they can escape the house. We can expect class customization, unlockable cosmetics, plenty of ways to play, and additional maps post-launch. Vaulted Sky Games will also be conducting an alpha test sometime during the summer, so sign up here if you want to get in on the action.

The final game and alpha test will make their way to PC; price point and appearance on other consoles are to be announced at a later date.

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