Prepare to master alien spacecraft as Exo One gets a new gameplay trailer

Australian-based indie developer Exbleative has released a new gameplay trailer for Exo One during Guerilla Collective’s digital games festival. Players will experience a new, gravity-defying, exoplanetary journey this year, however, the team hasn’t stated the exact date.

Exo One is a surreal, exoplanetary exploration game. Drift and flow across enigmatic alien landscapes using a gravity-based movement system. Atmospheric, diffused visuals are merged with otherworldly sound effects and a hypnotic electric guitar soundtrack.

See amazing, high-sci-fi planets, float through boiling cloud formations, slide and roll downhill and mountain faces, and drift toward alien horizons.

Enter the surreal and alien worlds of Exo One and be part of the mysterious narrative that unfolds around you.

Exo One is being developed by Exbleative (AKA, Jay Weston), with help from Rhys Lindsay (music, code) and Dave Kazi (code). Jay started out as a game artist then game designer working on such games as Powerslide and Dirt Track Racing. Jay then teamed up with ex-Ratbag programmer Saxon Druce on Zombie Outbreak Simulator and Class 3 Outbreak before developing his own solo creation, Unknown Orbit. Exo One is his second solo endeavour.

The demo for Exo One is available for download on Steam, and more information can be found on its website.

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