Prepare for a new beginning in Mafia: Definitive Edition, coming this August

2K Studios today released their first narrative trailer, “New Beginnings,” for the upcoming game Mafia: Definitive Edition which gives fans a first look how it will retell the story. This new edition is scheduled to launch on August 28th and those who purchase the Mafia: Trilogy will get immediate access to Mafia II:Definitive Edition and Mafia III: Definitive Edition on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Steam and will be able to download this new game as soon as it becomes available.

Mafia: Definitive Edition launches August 28 as a comprehensive, built-from-the-ground-up remake of the original Mafia, complete with an updated script filled with rich new dialogue, expanded backstories, and additional cutscenes; all-new gameplay sequences and features; the same game engine that powered Mafia III’s best-in-class cinematics; and other enhancements. It’s the Mafia players remember, only much more.

Pick up the trilogy today and stay tuned to Gaming Trend for all your gaming news.

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