Player beware… – The Rocket Stop Incident demo releases today

Developer and self-publisher, Project Handsoap, announced and released a demo for their upcoming atmospheric horror game, The Rocket Stop Incident. Described as a Twins Peak-esque first person experience, the game sees the player working their first shift at the eponymous Rocket Stop. Quickly things will go bad as the lines between reality and the impossible become blurred and horrors begin to emerge. Judging from the demo trailer alone, The Rocket Stop Incident looks to be creepy in all the right ways. If you are brave enough, I urge you to check it out for yourself below:

The Rocket Stop Incident - Demo Trailer

Rocket Stop Incident is a first-person horror experience where the player is thrust into a terrifying and darkly unsettling world. Unravelling the mysteries of this strange setting through a series of environmental puzzles, players will be exposed to a heart-pounding horror that rips the carpet of surface reality from under their feet at any given moment.

Grant Bernstein, 3D Artist said, “Project Handsoap is a two-person team with a passion for indie games and intense atmospheric horror. The experimental gameplay, unpredictable story, and bizarre setting of The Rocket Stop Incident are all inspired by multitudes of indie horror games that we loved playing. We hope players enjoy their time at Rocket Stop!”

If the trailer has you interested, check the demo out here.

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