Break into the Season 4 battle pass this week in Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

There’s a whole lot going on this week with E3, but your newest Call Of Duty fix is right around the corner. I’ve been talking a lot about Hijacked over the last few posts, but there is a lot to love in this battle pass, with weapons, COD points, and the very first ultra operator skin. All of this will be available starting tonight at midnight EST, and you can take a peek at the goodness below.

Season Four Battle Pass Trailer | Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War & Warzone™

The Best Value in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone

Satellites are being downed across the Eurasian continent in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, thanks to Owethu “Jackal” Mabuza, a feared mercenary hired by Perseus. As Stitch and the rest of Perseus’s agents continue to build their sleeper agent operation and achieve world domination, it’s up to you to secure the codecs from the crashed satellites around Verdansk, Africa, and the Ural Mountains before they fall into the wrong hands.

The action is heating up like never before, but the Season Four Battle Pass may have what you need to upgrade your arsenal for the fights to come.

Season Four’s Battle Pass arrives with 100 Tiers of exciting new content, including two functional weapons, a new Operator, 20 custom Weapon Blueprints, over 30 Operator Skins, and dozens of cosmetic accessories… along with two Ultra-level rewards that will help you light up the lobby.

Plus, through the Season Four Battle Pass System, you’ll be able to earn up to 300 COD Points across free Tiers, with an additional 1,000 COD Points available to earn via the paid Battle Pass. You can use those COD Points to pick up a future Battle Pass or a Store Bundle, such as the ones we’ll detail within this deep dive into Season Four’s initial Battle Pass and Bundle offerings.

Operations begin on June 17, so read this intel carefully. This blog takes you through the brand-new Gifting feature, as well as all 100 Tiers of Battle Pass content, and some of the incredible Store Bundles set to drop during the initial launch.

Give the Gift of the Battle Pass and Store Bundles

First introduced through the Call of Duty Companion App and website, and available in-game for the first time in Season Four, Battle Pass Gifting allows you to give your friends access to all 100 Tiers or, if you’re feeling extra generous, a Battle Pass Bundle.

Starting in Season Four’s launch week, you will be able to gift the Battle Pass within Black Ops Cold War, as well as any available Store Bundle that can be purchased with COD Points.

The Benefits of In-Game Gifting

It’s time to thank your fellow Operators for the job they do: Did they come in clutch during a frenzied TDM game on Hijacked? Are you ready to reward a friend for finessing during that crazy Outbreak boss fight? Got a squadmate with a birthday coming up? Need to ensure your whole squad rolls out with the same gear and Weapon Blueprints? Then give them the gift of a Battle Pass or Bundle!

To start you off, from June 17 to June 30, anyone who uses the gifting feature for the first time – whether they buy their friend the Battle Pass or Store Bundle – will receive a free 60-minute Double Battle Pass XP Token for their generosity. This includes gifting the Battle Pass itself, so if you want to help a friend get access to all 100 Tiers like you will this season, give the gift of a Battle Pass and take advantage of that hour of Double Battle Pass XP time as you both unlock some awesome content.

In-Game Gifting Instructions

Expect this feature to also become available in Warzone later in the season, but for now, here is how it works in Black Ops Cold War, starting with instructions for the gifter:

1. Head to the Battle Pass menu, or to any Bundle that can be purchased with COD Points within the Store menu. You’ll see a prompt at the bottom of your screen where you can then open an in-game explanation of the gifting process.

2. Two-factor authentication is required for Battle Pass or Store Bundle Gifting. If you haven’t set it up already, you can set it up right in-game through the in-game explanation screen. If you already have it set up, then you can skip this step by selecting the appropriate option on the explanation screen.

3. Choose your friend from the provided list of Activision Friends. Yes, this means you can gift the Battle Pass or a Store Bundle across platforms and across all countries where the game is available!

4. Provided you have enough COD Points, your friend will receive their gift after you confirm the transaction. If you don’t have enough funds, you can purchase more and get right back to gifting without starting from scratch. Additional Gifting information below*.

What Is the Battle Pass and the Battle Pass Bundle?

Each season of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone comes with a Battle Pass System, which allows you to earn a selection of free items, including two new base weapons, several Weapon Blueprints, and more. Earn this content just by playing either game, or if you cannot wait to get your hands on that next Tier, you can purchase a Tier Skip for 150 COD Points, which advances your Battle Pass progress up one Tier out of the 100.

If you want access to all 100 Tiers in this system, including the instant unlock items at Tier 0, purchase the Season Four Battle Pass for only 1,000 COD Points.

Want to get a head start on earning all 100 Tiers? Then pick up the Battle Pass Bundle, a combination of a Battle Pass and 20 Instant Tier Skips (25 on PlayStation consoles). This incredible value is set at a discounted price of 2,400 COD Points, compared to buying the Battle Pass and 20 Tier Skips afterward a la carte.

In other words, for an additional 1,400 COD Points over the base Battle Pass, you’ll instantly earn the four Tier 0 items, equip the Battle Pass’s new Finishing Move, use the first free functional weapons and a few Weapon Blueprints in your loadouts, and deck your Operators and profile out with new items all on day one of Season Four.

Here’s what you can find in the Season Four Battle Pass System — both in the free Tiers and within the full Battle Pass — starting with the Epic and Legendary items found at Tier 0.

Tier 0 — Instantly Unlock Jackal, 10% Seasonal XP Boost, and More

When you pick up the full Battle Pass as part of the Tier 0 instant rewards, you get Jackal, the latest Operator in Perseus’s forces, as well as a new skin for Portnova, a watch, and a 10% XP boost for the entire season.

New Operator — Jackal: A brutal mercenary leader, Jackal has ground his competition into the dirt, recruiting only the strongest survivors into his company. Bring his ruthless aggression into combat after unlocking him — and his default “War Paint” Operator Skin that features his signature crimson mask — at Tier 0.

Jackal also comes with his “Perseus Mercenary” Operator Mission. Complete the four objectives within Multiplayer, and you’ll be striking doom upon your enemies with the “Death Stalker” and “Sand Scorpion” skins, a Legendary Calling Card, an Emblem, and plenty of XP.

Portnova Operator Skin and Mission: The Warsaw Pact is gathering its best mercenaries to secure those satellites, including the focused and highly intelligent Portnova. At Tier 0, you’ll unlock her Epic “Assassin” Operator Skin, along with other rewards (including two additional Operator Skins) through her “Codebreaker” Operator Mission.

Emerald Trooper Watch: Whether it’s your first time jumping into combat or you’re a seasoned expert in the field, you’ll be able to keep a close eye on the time with the “Emerald Trooper” Watch.

Seasonal XP Boost: Purchase the Season Four Battle Pass and enjoy a 10% increase in all XP earned during the season.

New Operator Skins and Finishing Move

Jackal and Portnova aren’t the only ones with new digs for the desert. There are over two dozen new Operator Skins that you can unlock through the Battle Pass, including one for the recently recovered Adler.

“Boarding Party” Adler Skin (Tier 50): Make your way to the bridge and take control with Adler’s “Boarding Party” Operator Skin, which outfits him in a distressed flight jacket and a flight helmet that has definitely seen better days. Complete his Operator Mission to earn the “Spotter” and “Navigator” Operator Skins.

PLUS, the “Twisted Reverse” Finishing Move (Tier 19): Deal a swift kick to your opponent before dealing a devastating armbar with this submission-inspired Finishing Move, which can be used by all Operators through the Operator menu in Warzone or through the Weapons menu in Black Ops Cold War.

XP galore through Operator Missions, Tokens

Adler, Jackal, and Portnova are just three of the Operators with available Operator Missions through the full Battle Pass. In total, you’ll find 12 missions tied to completing objectives with that specific character as your primary Operator in Warzone or Black Ops Cold War.

In addition to Operator Skins and other cosmetic items, each Operator Mission rewards 9,000 XP across all four objectives. That’s over 100,000 XP on top of the XP you’re earning just from playing the game and completing other challenges!

Those looking for even more XP, including Weapon XP, have two more reasons to pick up the full Battle Pass: plenty of Double XP and Double Weapon XP Tokens. Across the 100 Tiers, you can unlock 6 hours and 45 minutes of Double Weapon XP Tokens, and 6 full hours of Double XP Tokens.

Even with all this experience on offer, your Operators will need some new armaments for the harsh battle conditions ahead. Luckily, the Battle Pass has you covered:

New Free Base Weapons

The biggest additions to your gun bench for the season are a new LMG and assault rifle, both free to earn through the Battle Pass System for use in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War online modes.

MG 82: LMG (Tier 15)

Normal light machinegun fire rates aren’t known to be fast, but the MG 82 is no ordinary LMG. In fact, it challenges the other three LMGs from Black Ops Cold War for supremacy.

With a fire rate on par with the PPSh-41 SMG, the MG 82 is a fully automatic LMG with improved aiming speed and the largest starting magazine capacity in its category. Although its damage per shot is the lowest in its class, it provides a reliable five-shot elimination at close range in Multiplayer, so long as its Operator controls its moderate recoil.

C58: Assault Rifle (Tier 30)

The assault rifle class welcomes a new contender when the C58 arrives in the Season Four Battle Pass.

Rivaling the AK-47 in damage per shot, with faster bullet velocity at the cost of a slightly slower rate of fire, the C58 is known for its strong damage at close range and reliable recoil control. By default, it holds only 20 rounds of high-caliber bullets, but after leveling it up, you could opt for a 60-round drum magazine that uses 5.56 ammo, allowing you to trade a bit of stopping power for an incredible boost in ammo capacity.

New Weapon Blueprints

Twenty custom Weapon Blueprints, including 13 Legendary armaments and an Ultra-rarity version of the new LMG, are available to you through the Season Four Battle Pass.

Here’s some of what you can find within the Battle Pass prior to the Ultra-rarity Weapon Blueprint at Tier 95:

“Monochrome” Assault Rifle Blueprint (Tier 5): Based on a Soviet workhorse of an assault rifle, this black-and-chrome Legendary Weapon Blueprint is configured for covert missions where pinpoint precision is key. Specifically, the GRU Suppressor and Spetsnaz Grip help with recoil and staying off the radar, the GRU Elastic Wrap allows for versatility with great aim down sight (ADS) benefits, the 40 Round Speed Mag puts more in each mag while quickening reloads, and the Cavalry Lancer Barrel can allow this behemoth to rip through vehicles if the mission calls for it.

“Ancient Scarab” SMG Blueprint (FREE Tier 55): Scurry across the DZ with this Legendary Weapon Blueprint. Among its five preconfigured attachments are a Field Agent Foregrip for better horizontal and vertical recoil control, a drum mag that maximizes the weapon’s ammo capacity, and a 5mW Laser to give this weapon the best possible hip-fire accuracy boost, with some Speed Tape included to mitigate the laser’s ADS time penalty.

“Ancient Spear” Sniper Rifle Blueprint (Tier 85): This complement to the “Ancient Scarab” SMG is a Legendary semi-auto sniper rifle that has a similar golden ancient Egyptian theme and a five-attachment spread that can help send your opponents to the dark depths of the Gulag. Expect to find an extended barrel for better bullet velocity and an Ember Sighting Point on its body, which adds some range to the weapon in Warzone in addition to its normal reveal distance and hip-fire accuracy boosts.

Tier 95 — Jackpot! An Ultra-Rarity Reactive Weapon Blueprint

No luck needed here. Have fun in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone all the way up to Tier 95, and you’ll be bringing some high-roller swagger to your next operation with the “High Stakes” Ultra-Rarity LMG Weapon Blueprint.

Bust your opposition with the help of five included attachments: a Thermal Scope to cut through smoke and light up enemies in infrared light, an Infantry Compensator to mitigate vertical recoil, a 5mW Laser for considerable hip-fire accuracy bonuses, a Cavalry Lancer Barrel that goes double for Vehicle Damage and nothing for drawbacks, and a 150 Round Magazine, the largest available for this weapon.

Then there is its animated Reactive property — by earning kills in Multiplayer and Warzone, or by slaying a certain number of undead creatures in Zombies, the “High Stakes” really start to get rolling. Watch as the neon fixtures glow brighter with each reactive stage completed. Its final form might be enough to soak up a whole boulevard with enough vice for the city of sin itself.

Tier 100 — Introducing the First Ultra-Rarity Operator Skin

You’ve seen the Mastercrafts and Reactive Weapon Blueprints. Now unlock the first-ever Ultra-rarity Operator Skin as part of a Tier 100 item spread fit for a pharaoh.

“Iridescent” Ultra-Rarity Jackal Skin and Operator Mission: For the first time in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, the “Iridescent” Operator Skin allows Jackal to come alive with a mesmerizing light pattern across his entire jumpsuit and mask. Prefer a bit of silver or copper shine? Then complete the included Operator Mission to unlock the “Manta Ray” and “Copperite” Operator Skins, along with some additional cosmetic items.

“Forgotten Oasis” Legendary Assault Rifle Blueprint: A sight for sore eyes in the DZ, especially if your mission is in the desert, the “Forgotten Oasis” is the first Blueprint Weapon available for the new assault rifle found for free earlier in the Battle Pass. Slide into first place with its Duster Stock attachment, or hang back and fire away with its 2x scope and bullet velocity-boosting barrel. There’s also a Foregrip for horizontal recoil control and a 30-round fast mag.

Dirt Bike Vehicle Skin and Season Four Emblem: Rounding out the rewards are two additional badges of honor. One of them is a skin for the Dirt Bike, the new vehicle in Warzone that first appeared in Black Ops Cold War. The other is an animated Emblem for Season Four, a fitting mark of excellence for your completionist profile.

Two Free Wartrack Packs

What else can be found toward end of the Battle Pass? Two available War Track packs for the start of the season, ready to rock your world as you cruise through Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

Black Ops 4 Mixtape (Tier 72): You asked, and Treyarch delivered. The quad feed of nostalgic hits is complete! Expect to find Black Ops 4’s Multiplayer theme “Inferno,” both Zombies menu music tracks (“Alistair’s Theme” and “Damned 4”), and the “Tag der Toten” Easter Egg song “Reflections” in this four-track pack. Note: all of these songs will be available in the Music Player once they are unlocked.

’80s Hits 2 (Tier 94): This three-track mixtape has some nostalgic ’80s tunes to crank up in the vehicle of your choosing as you speed through the streets of Verdansk, Rebirth Island, or around the world in Black Ops Cold War’s Combined Arms and Multi-Team modes.

1,300 Total COD Points

Just as in previous seasons, the Season Four Battle Pass System gives you the chance to earn up to 300 COD Points across free Tiers and up to 1,300 COD Points via the paid Battle Pass, more than enough to purchase a future Battle Pass or a Season Four Bundle.

Season Four Store Highlights — The First Two Weeks

Launch Week: Framework, Circuit Board Reactive, Tracer Pack: Anime Blossom

Season Four marks the first time in Black Ops Cold War that a challenge-based weapon is introduced right at a season’s launch, and with this weapon’s inception comes its first Store Bundle.

When Season Four arrives, the “Framework” Bundle will feature the first Legendary Weapon Blueprint for the Nail Gun — “Puncture Wound,” a gruesome cosmetic change to this new Special weapon. Among other items, this Bundle also has the “Switcheroo” Finishing Move, the “Horrible Timing” Watch, the unique “Celebratory Smoke” Gesture, and two Tier Skips for you to get a head start on completing this season’s Battle Pass.

In addition to the “Framework” Bundle, the “Circuit Board Reactive” Bundle will also be available in Season Four. This Bundle will include a new Ultra-rarity Reactive Weapon Blueprint, as well as the Epic “Resistor” sniper rifle Blueprint, an animated Calling Card, an animated Emblem, and more. Based on the bullpup assault rifle introduced in Black Ops Cold War Season One, the “Mother Board” Blueprint is a phenomenal platform on which to build your beast rig of a loadout.

Fast in the field and when reloading, this five-attachment Reactive Weapon Blueprint will come to life, thanks to the latest holographic projection technology, as you successfully down your enemies with brute force.

Following these two Bundles will be the “Tracer Pack: Anime Blossom” Bundle. Featuring a roller-derby and ornamental cherry tree-inspired skin for Park and two Blueprints that fire Pink Blossom Tracer Fire, don’t let these new items’ appearances fool you: these Weapon Blueprints are just as deadly as the most serious of mil-spec armaments.

After Launch: Salah Arrives, Gilded Age Goes Reactive, and Two Mastercrafts

Later in Season Four, NATO will receive the Elite Unit 777 Operator Salah as a reinforcement through his signature Tracer Pack Operator Bundle.

This Bundle is packed with tons of Legendary content, including Salah and his “Liaison” Operator Skin, Weapon Blueprints for an assault rifle and a tactical rifle — both of which fire Green Tracer fire — the “Double Guns” Gesture, and more. Of course, Salah’s pet Komodo Dragon is also joining the fight, ready to go right for the jugular as part of this Bundle’s Finishing Move.

Another pack launching later in the season is the fifth installment of the popular “Gilded Age” series. The “Gilded Age V Reactive” Bundle is the first to feature a golden Reactive Weapon Blueprint — the “Rough Nugget,” a three-round-burst SMG. If your aim is golden, expect this weapon to glisten with silver, fuchsia, and gold effects. You can also diversify your arsenal the golden “Prospector” assault rifle Weapon Blueprint and the “Snakeskin” Operator Skin for Park.

Last, but certainly not least, are the new Mastercrafts. First is the “Tracer Pack: Big Brain Mastercraft” Bundle; inspired by classic ’80s science movies and supercharged with electricity, this collection includes the “Neurotransmitter” SMG Mastercraft and the heavy-hitting “Neurologist” assault rifle Blueprint, along with plenty of Epic customization items. Built on the SMG introduced in Season Two, the “Neurotransmitter” Mastercraft comes equipped to help you zip by your enemies and zap them into oblivion with a speed-based five-attachment spread.

Also included is the “Tracer Pack: Road Mongrel Mastercraft” Bundle for those looking to put a high-octane LMG into their loadout. The “Road Mongrel” turns the first unlockable light machinegun into a rip-roaring motorcycle-themed Mastercraft, complete with Gold Tracer fire and five attachments that include the weapon’s largest fast magazine and a Field Agent Grip. Also included are the Epic “Street Legal” SMG Blueprint, Epic “Road Map” functional mini-map Watch, “Octane” Vehicle Skin, an animated Epic Calling Card and Emblem, and more.

The Store and Battle Pass will both help you gear up for the war ahead… now execute the mission.

Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more Call Of Duty news, videos, impressions, reviews, and information. If you want to jump into the game, check out, and if you want to know more about it first, check out our review right here.

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