Pistol Whip gets Western-themed campaign this month

Team Cloudhead Games is bringing a second campaign to their fantastic VR rhythm-shooter Pistol Whip.  Entitled Smoke & Thunder, this cinematic update is Western themed and brings with it a fully-voiced campaign.  Alongside this new adventure are some new styles, a new sandbox modifier system to create your own challenges, and more.  Best of all — it’s for everyone!  When the expansion pack launches on August 12th, it’ll hit for Oculus Quest, PCVR (read: Steam), and PSVR.  If you snap it up in the first few days it’ll cost $24.99, but after August 15th it’ll pop up to $29.99.   Let’s get into the details while you load up the video above:

Smoke & Thunder
Cloudhead’s first cinematic campaign, “2089,” was a fast forward into the future; their second, “Smoke & Thunder,” is a badass blast to the past—with new weapons, mechanics, a dastardly new outlaw threat, and a mighty fine new boss fight for folks to tangle with.

Featuring tracks from The Heavy, Black Pistol Fire, Bones UK, Devora, and an original never-before-heard track from Magic Sword; this five-scene cinematic campaign is abso-rootin-tutley exploding with exciting new content.

Smoke & Thunder’s campaign mode transforms players into the heroes of an immersive Western adventure, equipping them with brand new weapons and providing a fully-voiced tale of sisters Jessie (Victoria Hogan, Kingdom Come: Deliverance) and Tess (Avalon Penrose, Hades). It’s a visually stunning experience, illustrated with cutscene cinematics created by fan-favourite comic artist and returning talent, Fico Ossio, and colourist Raciel Avila.

Post Campaign:
Once players have conquered the campaign, they can skedaddle on over to Arcade and check out all the campaign scenes—from both ”Smoke & Thunder” as well as “2089”—unbridled for the very first time. In Arcade mode, players can use whatever weapon and modifier they want in endless combinations.

Pistol Whip - Everything New in Pistol Whip | Oculus Quest, PC VR, PSVR

Styles let players create the gameplay THEY want.
Pistol Whip’s new “Styles” system sandbox allows players to combine their preferred weapon type with up to five modifiers to create an unstoppable action experience that’s exactly what they want. After finding a preferred Style that’s uniquely their own, players can challenge friends or compete solo and be the first person to dominate the leaderboard uniquely generated for that “Style’s” choice.

New weapon types also burst onto the scene with the debut of Styles, including Brawler, which transforms the previous No Ammo modifier into a glorious new melee mode. 2089’s Burstfire and the new weapons from “Smoke & Thunder” are also available in all scenes with Styles.

These weapon additions and changes combined with four new modifiers mean the possibilities are endless. From green to grizzled and anywhere in-between, there’s a Style for everyone. Pistol Whip also includes an ever-changing list of recommendations such as Featured Styles, which contain weekly style choices curated by Cloudhead’s own team of developers and players. “Styles” can also be used with all past Pistol Whip updates like the aforementioned “2089” and “Heartbreaker.”

The $5 price break is a nice thank you to players who already love the series, but make sure you pick it up between August 12th and the 15th as after that the price will pop up to $29.99.   Honestly, Pistol Whip is one of the best games to introduce new players to VR, so even at $29.99 it’s a steal.  If you’ve not tried Pistol Whip for yourself and you own a VR HMD of any kind…what’s wrong with you?  Let’s go!

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