Passion project Factions of Sol funded on Kickstarter in under 8 hours

From Mark IV Games, a group of six college students, Factions of Sol is an asymmetric euro-style game with a unique move system! Players control one of eight factions and traverse the solar system exploring planets, moving goods, and completing objectives. The expected delivery on Kickstarter is September 2023.

Factions of Sol is a brand new board game available on Kickstarter now. Factions of Sol is a fast-paced, asymmetric, Euro-inspired board game featuring a unique movement mechanic that makes every turn feel like a puzzle. Outwit your competition as you gain resources, discover exoplanets, and build your faction’s exclusive machine. Anyone with an interest in one-of-a-kind mechanics, expansive worldbuilding, and highly strategic play will find a home among our stars.

Designed by a group of friends from Northwestern University, Factions of Sol has been lovingly developed for three years and has been seen by more than 200 playtesters. The project will be launching with fully complete art and design, and a host of stretch goals to make the game even more compelling.

Factions of Sol was fully funded on Kickstarter in less than 8 hours! The base game is available on Kickstarter for $59. You can also purchase Factions of Sol with its first expansion, Greetings from Pluto for $89. Our retail package includes 4 base games at a 55% discounted rate.

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