New studio Lightspeed LA debuts its first project ‘Last Sentinel’

Led by industry veteran, Steve C. Martin, Lightspeed LA is a new studio developing an open world game set in a futuristic Tokyo, Japan. The announcement came during the busy night that comes with The Game Awards. Check out the announcement trailer and read below for more information on Lightspeed LA and Last Sentinel.

Lightspeed LA is the emerging studio led by Steve C. Martin, an industry veteran with over 25 years experience creating groundbreaking games and leading diverse, global teams. Martin is previously known for his work on critically-acclaimed and top selling titles such as Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2, Need for Speed: Underground 1+2, and Bully. The Lightspeed LA team is a global development group filled with deep experience and expertise that includes work on AAA, leading titles like The Last of Us, Jedi: Fallen Order, Uncharted, Grand Theft Auto and God of War.

“Last Sentinel is our massively ambitious debut title and showcases the Lightspeed LA vision to prioritize the player’s experience and immersion above all else,” said Steve C. Martin, general manager at Lightspeed LA. “Lightspeed LA is laser focused on a developer-led approach that fosters creativity and delivers original, interactive narrative art while leveraging our ample resources, extensive experience, and state-of-the-art facilities to build the richest and most rewarding experiences for our players.”

“LightSpeed Studios is proud to support Lightspeed LA, the AAA game development studio operating independently in our globally coordinated model, in crafting Last Sentinel, our exciting new AAA open-world game,” said Jerry Chen, President of LightSpeed Studios. “The deeply developed experience brought by Last Sentinel reflects our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the gaming industry that will captivate gaming enthusiasts worldwide.”

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