Lucky’s Tale franchise surpasses 3 million users, PS4 and Xbox One New Super Lucky’s Tale physical releases available now

We love a happy ending to a new IP, and Playful Studios announced that its Lucky’s Tale franchise, which includes Lucky’s Tale, Super Lucky’s Tale, and New Super Lucky’s Tale, has now reached more than 3 million players across all three iterations. In celebration of this news, New Super Lucky’s Tale is now available physically on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Playful Studios today announced the Lucky’s Tale franchise has surpassed more than 3 million players across New Super Lucky’s Tale (2019) and Super Lucky’s Tale (2017). That number is in addition to players of the original Lucky’s Tale (2016), a launch title for the Oculus Rift that was bundled with every unit sold.

To mark the occasion, Playful is announcing the release of New Super Lucky’s Tale on physical disc for Xbox One/Series X and PlayStation 4, which had previously only been available digitally in the Americas region.

“The platformer genre is making a thrilling comeback”, said Paul Bettner, Founder and CEO of Playful Studios. “It’s our dream come true to be able to bring a beloved new platformer mascot to life for both new and nostalgic players. Lucky and his friends have made so many new fans around the world, and we are very happy to release the New Super Lucky’s Tale physical edition to eager Sony and Microsoft gamers and collectors.”

Today’s releases of New Super Lucky’s Tale are available to buy online and in-store at GameStop and Best Buy, and also online at Amazon,, and

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