Let your imagination run wild – the Wild Beyond the Witchlight released today

Have you ever wanted to take a deeper dive into the mystery of the Feywild? To see what fantastical creatures that call it their home or see wonderous sights that could never compare to the Material Plane? Then I have spectacular news for you because today Wizards of the Coast have released their brand new adventure book for Dungeons and Dragons, the Wild Beyond the Witchlight. With a brand new adventure for you to experience and new character races, and backgrounds to boot, this book has it all to satisfy some your extraplanar curiosity. Don’t take my word for it? Then why not listen to Chris Perkins himself discuss some of what you’ll find in the book:

Chris Perkins, Ari Levitch, and Kate Irwin discuss the Feywild and the realms of Prismeer in The Wild Beyond the Witchlight here in this video:

The Feywild and Prismeer | D&D

Watch here as Chris Perkins talks about player options in The Wild Beyond the Witchlight:

Player Options in The Wild Beyond the Witchlight | D&D

And finally, hear what The Wild Beyond the Witchlight offers to Dungeon Masters:

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight For D&D Dungeon Masters

Can’t wait to dive into the wonderous and whimsical (and possibly deadly) realm of the Feywild for yourself? Then don’t! You can pick up the Wild Beyond the Witchlight right now at your local comic book stores as well as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books-a-Million! And stay on the lookout for our review that will be coming out soon! In the meantime however, for everything else D&D and gaming related news, stay right here on Gaming Trend!


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