Incredible looking PAC-MAN: Birth of an Icon book announced, releasing in October

An incredible looking deep dive into PAC-MAN’s history, PAC-MAN: Birth of an Icon, will be available for purchase in October, 2021. The book will be available in both a standard edition and a collector’s edition featuring a bonus 7″ vinyl, PAC-MAN shaped sleeve, and more. Details and pictures below:

PAC-MAN: BIRTH OF AN ICON is the first-ever history of the yellow muncher. Deep-diving into its genesis, design, early marketing and cultural impact, the 350-page book offers surprising new insights into the “Mickey Mouse of the Eighties.”

The book was made in conjunction with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Ltd., and gives voice to the people who were there at PAC-MAN’s birth in Japan in 1979/1980, who oversaw its design overhaul and mass production at Midway’s in Chicago, and who plotted its remarkable role as the first video game icon to be used in mass consumer marketing.

The book will be available worldwide to readers late October, in two editions. Apart from the Standard Edition book, a Collector’s Edition will have a special, PAC-MAN shaped sleeve and maze-themed cassette holding the book, a special reissue vinyl of the 1980 hit success ‘PAC-MAN Fever’ by Buckner & Garcia, and a unique PAC-MAN arcade token.

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